Tale of Africa’s richest man in 2023 & Nicky Oppenheimer

Article by: Arnold Mutamiri

South African business magnate Nicholas F. Oppenheimer is a billionaire. His previous positions include that of Anglo American’s deputy chairman as well as chairman of the De Beers diamond mining corporation and its subsidiary, the Diamond Trading Company. He ranks third among African richest people.

Africa is a blessed land with many natural resources spread over the continent. The land is also a blessed with talented people. After having revealed this, why is Africa is poor and a few are successful? Well, the biggest threat to Africa as a whole is lack of understanding by leaders or head of states to internally focus on the resources. If resources are well managed and its people are given opportunity and empowered to control resources well without any form of corruption, Africa will be great. 

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Those who are successful and rich what are they up to. What makes them so popular? There is a secret which is golden. For a person to be rich one has to be focused. Many African investors failed to be focused and have mixed up business with pleasure and forgot to work on objectives and goals set. The famous Aliko Dangote from Nigeria has spread wings all over Africa and serious developers and civil engineers wishes to do business with him. This is the secret of success, just make sure that everyone eye to do business with you.

Africa is a home of 46 members of the world’s richest club. In January 2023 Aliko Dangote was on 13.5 billion Unites States Dollars. This gives his country investors’ confidence and more business will come for business and the country’s GDP will improve. Dangote focuses on manufacturing industry and has mastered his area of business. In Nigeria alone there are billionaires residing there and these include Abduisamad Rabiu and Mike Adenuga.

The common primary industries, which are famous in Africa, includes, manufacturing, Fashion/Retail, Metals/Mining, Construction, food and beverage, telecom, media and entertainment among other primary industries. In southern Africa, there are seven richest people found in the top 15 of Africa’s richest people. The majority of these people are based in South Africa, the country is doing very well on its GDP, and trade is done in earnest benefitting both the government and its people.

 Zimbabwe despite having sanctions for a long time in Africa, it has Strive Masiyiwa boasting with his telecoms business. In January 2023, Strive Masiyiwa had 1,9 billion dollars. This is quiet a remarkable figure considering the conditions and the environment of business in Zimbabwe. For long Zimbabwe has slapped with trade restrictions and this also has affected the region and its neighbouring countries.  

The African billionaires are always ploughing back to the people as a sign of thank you and appreciating the citizens and the government. Some have been visible in sports supporting the growth of sport in Africa. Others are supporting the government in funding scholarships to the vulnerable and those in serious need.

These billionaires have motivated young people to be serious with whatever they do. The more these young ones are exposed to success stories, they will get geared to do more than they hear. Young Africans must have their set of young billionaires by having millionaire’s mindset business summit where they discuss big minds and approach these well-established billionaires for support. Governments protects its billionaires in a win, win situation so by doing that, billionaires should also protect and empower its young ones. 

Africa has a problem of exporting talent and later hire that same talent to do its job. Governments should have good policies which are attractive to the young people so that they get established in the hands of government. When government raise its people, it means it is investing its products.

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