How politics influence international business operations ?

Article by: Arnold Mutamiri

There are so many studies about political events which will end up affecting business environment nearly in every country in the world. But do you think there are circumstances where business will affect politics? Its possible that business can affect political administration. Politics rely on business for stability and governance which means that if companies are not performing well, politics will suffer. The two-work hand in glove for success to be realised.

However, geographical locations determine how business runs and how politics is viewed. In Africa business normally supports politics as leaders rely on taxes from business but politics is always abusing the contributions from business people. There is a tendency by politicians to restrict business operations where there is a major political event. One way or the other, politicians feels that if violence erupts, business people will lose their properties.

In another third eye, politics sabotage business. If bread price goes up it affects politics and if there is no stability in the country and malpractices business will suffer and the two will become enemies. These are the trends witnessed in the world.

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Politicians should have a sound mind when playing politics because a well governed country can end up being a battlefield. A series of tropical cyclones have hit Asia and Africa and this has affected the political side of the two continents. When infrastructure is torn apart it means business people will chip in with aid in the environment they operate. After the disaster is gone, politicians should learn to embrace business people and work together in fair agreements.

What if business people are attracted by politics?  Well, there is a danger of mixing the two. It is either one is a businessman or a politician. Many politicians will end up stealing from the public through the political muscle to boost their businesses. There is no way business will steal from politics but business can be dragged down by politics. In the event that business fails to prosper, instability will follow. People rely on business and not on politics.

The world is full of good leaders but are not giving business its position. Policies set by politicians can affect business but those policies set by the business world may not harm politics usually. In other circumstances, business policies may affect the global politics making the world ungovernable. Food security starts with the farmers as business people and ends as a political crisis if the politicians fail to administrate and support farmers.

The same with petroleum production, it can affect the politics of the world if politicians fail to support business people. There are youth leaders who are getting into politics with a view to assist old politicians and end up creating crisis in governance by poor policies. Sport as a business can be affected heavily with politics or any business, we may think of can be a victim of bad political governance.

Many investors failed to finance certain projects when they heard about the political trends and history not favourable. This will harm innocent people who will be willing to work as employees. Remember that employees are the electorate and can contribute to politics of the country. Many trade unions ended up being political moments.

Let politicians do politics and business people do business. Under developed countries are affected by political environments and the ease of doing business in such countries are hazardous. In concluding, politicians should make policies which favor business and development than to drive out investors in the country by bad political decisions.

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