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UNESCO is looking for a suitable consultant to Develop the Masvingo Rural District territorial development plan for the Great Zimbabwe World Heritage Site Area.

The Rehabilitation and Development of the Great Zimbabwe World Heritage site project aims to improve the quality of life of the communities living around the Great Zimbabwe National Monument through the diversification of the local economy; the promotion of income-generating and employment opportunities; and fostering social cohesion and a sense of belonging among vulnerable groups.

The project will enhance the conservation and management of the Great Zimbabwe National Monument World Heritage site in a sustainable manner; adequately interpret and present the site and its associated intangible cultural heritage elements; support the development of sustainable tourism practices and develop community-based cultural programming and tourism offers, thereby contributing to attaining the 2030 Agenda with its international sustainable development goals.

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Specific objectives of the assignment include:

  1. Prepare an integrated land use plan through spatial analysis, mapping and participatory planning approaches for the Masvingo RDC.
  2. Prepare sectoral action plans associated with the proposed land uses for Masvingo RDC.
  3. Prepare institutional framework and implementation plan for the successful and equitable implementation of land use plan aligned with the national and provincial policy guidance, as well as principles and values of the local communities.
  4. Prepare land use plan implementation modality including monitoring and evaluation framework.

Long Description

The consultancy will:

  • Support the MRDC in developing a land-use and development plan (Local Development Plan) in terms of Part IV of the Regional Town and Country Planning Act (Chapter 29:12), Revised Edition, 1996; outlining the future location and type of development activity that is to be permitted and not permitted within the district area over a set horizon period of 20 years.
  • Prepare an inception report in consultation with Masvingo Rural District Council.
  • Undertake detailed technical studies across the various thematic areas namely land use and settlement patterns, the environment, infrastructure (water and sewerage), traffic and transportation, population and demographics, socio economic etc.
  • Undertake widespread public consultation with the support of the local authority.
  • Draft a report of study and proffer planning proposals and a written statement.
  • Prepare 3D presentations to support the produced concept plans.
  • Carry-out consultation and consensus-building processes, enabling the effective involvement of local communities (namely, as part of the Traditional Leaders Act).
  • Organise capacity-building sessions with MRDC officials and traditional leaders on planning implementation and permit authorization processes.
  • Organise stakeholder validation meetings of the land use plan.
  • Guide the adoption and approval of the local development plan until its operationalization.


  • Team Leader Land Use Planning Expert:
  • Land Use Planning Expert:
  • Gender and Social Inclusion Specialist:
  • Heritage Expert/Archaeologist:

GIS experience should be considered a an advantage


  1. Selection process

The selection will be based on a Call for expression of interest. The applicants should present:

  1. A short proposal that explains the understanding of the assignment and explaining why the applicant(s) is most suitable for the assignment, including experience in similar assignments, providing brief information on qualifications, and brief methodology on how he/she/they will approach and conduct the work.
  2.  Copy of at least one relevant document produced by the applicant(s) on the topic.

Objective of the Consultancy.

The purpose of the consultancy services is to prepare a comprehensive statutory “Great Zimbabwe Land Use and Development Plan” for the Great Zimbabwe Area. The Local Development Plan is expected to formulate proposals for the coordinated and harmonious development, redevelopment or improvement of Great Zimbabwe and its environs. The Plan shall focus on land uses and developments in the destination area to ensure sustainable long-term enhancement, protection, and valorization of the greater landscape around the World Heritage Site.

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