Benefits of Trade Unions for Young Employees

Trade Unions

Trade Unions is when a group of shop floor workers form an organization that helps to maintain or improve their conditions of employment. A trade union can also be an association of employees of the same trades meant to further their professional interests and protect their workers’ rights. Trade unions have benefits for young employees in the following ways:

  • Young employees can have a platform for collective bargaining of their wages and benefits from their employer.
  • Workers can negotiate better remuneration to the Human resources manager.
  • Young employees can negotiate for their health insurance and compensation in case of accidents at the work place.
  • Helps develop their careers as they have an association with experienced colleagues through workshops and seminars.
  • Retrenchments are reduced for new and young employees.
  • Helps employees socialize by organizing events and club games.
  • Help young employees with litigation fees in cases of unfair labour practices or dismissal by their employer.
  • Helps in cases of bereavement or death through their collective insurances.
  • Help young employees save funds to build their future homes through their collective mortgage contributions.


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However, Corporations have a way to fight back Trade Unions:

  • Threating to dismiss employees who join trade unions.
  • They do not increase wages or salaries of employees who are under trade unions, as they have to wait for the collective bargaining team.
  • They begin to employ fixed term employees or part time workers to avoid the union costs
  • Companies begin to deny additional benefits to employee such as health insurance, mortgages and other benefits.
  • No more, direct engagement between employee and employer for issues like workplace safety or conditions.
  • Most companies close stores in areas where they are union workers hence destroying the livelihoods of most young employees.

Written By: Arnold Mutamiri

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