Benefits of Volunteering for Unemployed Youths


Volunteering occurs when an employee offer their service to work for an organization freely without receiving remuneration or salary. Non-governmental organization operate as a non-profit organization hence they contract unemployed youths as volunteers. They are several benefits of volunteering for unemployed youths and some of them include:

  • It connects youths to fight a noble cause like climate change or racial injustices
  • Youths are able to impact the world in a positive way
  • Working for some NGO’s help youths travel across the world
  • It also helps youths link up with friends from different cultures


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  • It is fun for youths to work in the same environment
  • Creates an environment of lifelong friendships
  • Helps create a community for youths to socialize and network
  • Help unemployed youths gain relevant work experiences
  • Such experiences helps strength their CV’s for future references
  • It helps youths fight mental health and improve their self esteem
  • Reduces the risk of drug and alcohol abuse as the youths have an occupation that keeps them busy

Written By: Arnold Mutamiri

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