Tips to Avoid Money Stress


Money is a finite resource hence as an entrepreneur it takes a lot of discipline and business practical understanding to avoid money stress and be a successful businessperson. Here are some of the tips to avoid money stress:


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  • Hire a money coach, have a consultant or seek therapy on money matters and incomes.
  • Have multi sources of income by starting a side business or hustle not to be reliant on one stream of income.
  • Cut back on alcohol consumption and drug use
  • Increase savings in bonds and back accounts and avoid spending on unnecessary items
  • Reduce debts and avoid borrowing for unnecessary needs
  • Monitor physical and mental health by attending to gym training or exercises
  • Cut back on consuming negative news read more books on business mentorship to improve your level of income.
  • Eat healthy foods and have regularly routine sleep to rest the mind
  • Reach out for help when in need of comfort and help
  • Have healthy social connections and networks that include family, friends and business associates
  • Attend Hope seminars or religious organizations.

Written By: Arnold Mutamiri

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