Is human nature in politics a career path or seen as business ?

Article by: Arnold Mutamiri

People may wonder what the question, is politics a career or an activity wants. There are many views on politics as a professional profession. Just like fishing, one may take it as a professional profession while some take it as an activity with friends on a holiday doing recreational activities. Many young people are running away from mainstream politics living the old and mature to play the cards. The world is looking for young presidents and leaders who are energetic and with fresh minds to take the world somewhere people have never been before.

In an African culture, contesting Member of Parliaments are required to submit their resume or curriculum vitae which then goes through vetting before contesting for the post. Now then goes the question, a person who produces a resume or a curriculum is a job seeker is that so? Politicians should be interviewed before assuming public offices to see if they are fitting for the public assignment. Are all politicians professionals and sees mainstream politics as a career? Not all politicians have qualities and take the profession in a professional way.

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Politics involves many public skills, which may include good public speaking, public relations, development strategic planning and theories, budgeting skills and good resources management practices, disaster management, gender equity knowledge, constitutionalism, human rights, social justice and political economy.

All these qualities are very important in shaping a good politician. Those people who are in the mainstream politics without these qualities are classified as opportunists and these are people who take politics as an activity. One has to be devoted in serving the public in a democratic way. There is one think which politicians do and many professionals find it hard to do. Politicians carry burdens of the whole constituency or as far as the whole nation.

It is the task of politicians to satisfy all the age groups. It takes those who trained to be political administrators to carry the tasks in a firm and fair manner. Politicians who never trained to be public office bearers end up stealing public funds and resources when things are hard to satisfy their interests. Good politicians take the burdens as part of their office changes.

Now having highlighted many points on the matter, does politics need any educational qualification? Yes, one should be able to read, write and think strategically so that when making or passing laws in the parliament, it is done professionally. The main reason why politics is not accepted in different communities is because politicians will be serving their interests and not the public. This will only leave people with one option to discard politics than to accept.

Politics needs people who understand law making than people who second bills only. Politicians are not supported in their career but yet people rely on them to fix many environmental issues and international decisions as well in conference on behalf of people. Sports administrators rely on politicians to fix their issues at times so as business and investment also it relies on policies, which are favourable, set by politicians.

We want a world with young politicians who are brave and not only brave but zealous to bring about change in the world. In concluding, let politicians do politics and business people do business. One cannot serve two masters at once. It is either one is loved and the other one hated. Give the youth space and let the youth be at liberty to make decisions, in this way it is called nurturing. Politics is a career and not activity.

Editor – David Nhawu

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