Why is agriculture important around the world ?

Editor: Arnold Mutamiri

Agriculture is a business, which may employ a vast of skilled and semi-skilled workforce. World leaders must not take time to debate but to fund agricultural activities as this may bring stability in the world since it employs many people. Africa and Asia are suffering because they are not investing in digital tools, which may detect the weather patterns.

Many cyclones have hit Africa and Asia, a series of droughts has been experience, and the trend is still going on. If meteorological departments are supported well with modern technology, it may help farmers to prepare well and take precaution measures. One the agriculture sector collapses it means there will be extreme poverty. Agriculture has tractors and combined harvesters’ drivers, field researchers, agro-chemist dealers, plumbers and engineers, food processors and casual workers. If the industry collapse, then it means all the skilled and non-skilled workers will be in hunger together with other people as well as animal depends on agriculture.

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Food and Agriculture Organisation is supporting nations to take agriculture seriously. Urbanites must also support the FAO efforts by having backyard greenhouses as they also add to the breadbasket. Governments should reserve farmlands for youths so that all citizens are occupied and contribute to the GDP so that life will improve and serve the purpose of the creator.

Equipping the youths with agriculture implements and fund projects will create employment and everyone will be happy.  People eat wine and dine everyday so this means that agriculture will never be broke as a business so long people are living in the world. There are also domestic animals, which rely on human activities, they should benefit from agriculture produces. It is high time banks and financial institutions should support fully youths in farming since youths are an energetic generation. Africa has good soils and vast land, which left idle, governments, should not promote plastic smiles and support the youths.

Western countries have been giving aide to Africa because Africa is not acting towards the sustainable development goals (SDGs). Agriculture may take out people from poverty and place them at a better place where they can start to enjoy life again. In the era of technological advancement, smart agriculture should be promoted and funded well.

Youth conferences at global stage should discuss more about agriculture and how it can benefit everyone. The effects of hunger are war and unnecessary conflicts. Children and women are the ones most affected during war and this must be avoided by making sure that food reserves are sufficient to feed the nation. Imagine a land of honey without bees, is that possible? What it simply means is that people should work just like bees to produce honey.

Supporting agriculture will open up enough jobs nearly for everyone who is at the age of going to work. There are excess rains in Africa and people are not doing water-harvesting activities to hold more water for farming projects. Farming should be all year round and people should produce all year round and make money all year round.

Once agriculture starts to roll, banking will be moved and placed well on its position in Africa and Asia. African Commerce is centred on agriculture and mining. Agriculture in Africa is constituted by forestry, horticulture, apiculture, inland fish farming and botanical activities. All these subsidiaries exist to employ people. In addition, plenty of sunshine in Africa means people can use solar energy to maximize profits. Let’s join hands and support agriculture.


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