Why Nepotism is a major problem in recruitment for African workers?

Editor: Arnold Mutamiri

Africa is a beautiful continent with many raw materials and this means that there are so many jobs lined for its people since raw materials need to be processed. However, there is a growth of nepotism in recruitment in Africa and this is affecting production because some work staff is not qualified to do some certain jobs.

Favouritism and tribalism in job recruitment is killing the growth of the continent. Skilled and qualified people are fast living Africa because corruption is at it peak and unqualified people are given opportunities in the industry through nepotism. Recruitment must not be done on nepotism, corruption, discrimination and victimization based on ethnicity, regionalism, and gender.

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Poverty levels which have hit Africa is a result of nepotism in economical and industrial issues. If addressed well, Africa will be a giant in production. For long Africa has been exporting jobs to Europe and America through selling raw material and unprocessed materials.

Africa has its qualified artisans who are seeking jobs out of Africa to process items from Africa. If nepotism is suppressed and a room for fairness is accommodated in Africa, these artisans can come back to fill the gap and produce finished products for Africa and promote valued addition. Mining in Africa is not producing enough since recruitment is corrupt and people who are employed are paying to get the opportunities for employment.

There are certain regions in Africa which specifically employ a certain tribal group for jobs whether skilled or semi-skilled leaving purely qualified people because they value tribalism. These traits are traced back in the colonial era where people were working as families giving opportunities to family members and clan crew.

Recruiting agencies in Africa should open their eyes and promote a fair play for growth in Africa by employing qualified people. If one does not deserve a job vacancy, he/she must not be favoured because this is destroying production and professionalism. If a job requires an interview, the interview procedures must be considered in good faith for good selection.

African recruiting officers must not act as bad apples in a basket full of good ripen apples because they can affect the whole basket. Another thing affecting Africa is about people who are not willing to go on retirement when their time is due for retirement. Production is measured with efficiency. Once one is no longer active and suitable for work, he or she must retire and pave way for new active young blood which can deliver. Corruption is fast spreading all over the world and the future of the world will suffer soon only that we don’t know how soon.

Recruitment in Africa must consider the concept which says “justify your existence on this job.” An employee must surely justify his or her existence to evaluate if fit for the job before employed. The whole idea of recruitment is not just to employ people but to consider people who are fit and passionate about the job.

The time to change for better is now since technology is encouraging us a whole to recruit people with idea of where the world is going. Recruitment officers must shun corruption, discrimination, favouritism and nepotism. Women deserve their places in the industries and politics as well. Once everything is done fairly, the world will advance well and give space and opportunity to the future generations to progress without hindrances.

No room for briberies as this is fueling poor standards in recruiting people who deserve jobs. Africa arise and walk today because you deserve a name.

Written By: David Nhau

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