How to become a successful sales person as an entrepreneur?

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They are many sales hurdles to face as an entrepreneur during the first few days at the work place here are some helpful tips to be successful. The Grooming is the process of making oneself look neat, the things which you do to make yourself and your appearance tidy and pleasant.

First Impression in Sales Counts:

When you meet someone for the first time, they will make their minds based upon:

  • Your appearance
  • Body language
  • Smile
  • Eye contact
  • Stance and posture


Personal grooming has become an essential in our daily life. A well-groomed individual stands out amongst the crowd. Acquire the basic skills to care for your skin and learn makeup tips to enhance your personal grooming. Make a positive impact in your social engagements through proper personal grooming skills:

  1. Have a timely hair cut – Once your head starts looking like a bush, cut it down. Visit your hairstylist who can do your hair and trim the unnecessary hair on the neck.
  2. Use a signature scent – After taking a shower, add a few drops of your favourite scent to the body.
  3. Maintain your facial hair- As you age, the facial hair grows faster, which means that it needs to be maintained. Trim the hair from your beard, nose, ears and eyebrows to maintain an attractive look.
  4. Carry a handkerchief – In the old days, the noble people always carried a handkerchief with them as a sign of good manners and personal hygiene etiquette. They covered their mouth with it whenever they felt the urge to sneeze or cough.

These practices are very important and should be passed from generation to generation. To those who are preparing for tertiary education, they should embrace these tips because soon they will be going to work or pursue with their professional careers and nobody wants to employ a bad character.

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Deportment (the way you carry yourself) is one of the most important areas of living a good impression. It tells a lot about the kind of person you are, the types of habits you have and it shows if you are interested in what you are doing. Dear reader, please take sometime to read some useful tips which can change you to be a better and successful person. Factor in the following,

Be humble: Being humble is a sign of self-effacement and people can easily approach you with ideas as we learn from each other every day.

Be respectful: Respecting elders at work, school and community can give you that respect back. People are promoted at work on simple basis and respect is one of the factors. 

Be strong: yes, just be strong in decision making and in planning things which seem not to be achievable. At the end of the tunnel there is a brighter light. This is an assurance.     

Be Thankful: always be thankful with a cheerful heart.

Never quit: There is no room for quitting. Ask those who made it in life, they kept trying till their breakthrough. If you quit a race, then you are regarded as a loser. Stay with a positive mind that you can do better every day. Remember that wine matures everyday and the taste gets better with age.


 This article seeks to motivate and push the reader into action. The world is fast changing and there are so many traits trending in the world good and bad. We have to take only what is good and leave out what is bad to shape a better world. The future of this world is in the hands of the youths and if the world can’t groom the young ones than it is only baking disaster.

Written By: David Nhau

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