Benefits of Women Empowerment for young Women at Workplace !

Editor: Arnold Mutamiri

It is high time to walk the talk on women empowerment and focus on guiding them for a better and promising future. A world which embraces love and support on each other will promote peace and harmony. In this review story on the just ended Women Empowerment Program in the dormitory city of Chitungwiza located 32 km south east of the then Salisbury now Harare many young women aged 18 to 35 benefitted from the one-week long workshop.

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The workshop had many areas of focus which the planners were satisfied to lecture on. The first session focused on healing through forgiveness. Young women were taught on loving their selves and people around them before loving everyone they see in their circles of life. ”If I don’t forgive others, it will be a burden to me and not good for my health and well-being. I should not be adamant when forgiving others,” said Itai Lorette Gwatsvaira a beneficiary of the program in an interview.  Communication was part of the learning package as it a tool in any business since advertising involves good and marketing language.  Communication is a broad topic in the 21st century since social media rob space in communication.

Working for social and political fairness and equity is the central focus on young women. Entrepreneurship is about focusing on risk taking and women for long had a fear on that area of risk taking. They depended too much on men but in this era, walking the talk is the game and action is required. Communication for Social Change is a technique of developing and strengthening people’s confidence.

Women need confidence for them to prosper in their businesses. The speaker after speaker kept hammering on women confidence. No matter how small the business might be, focus and confidence is needed. Small businesses are good because they can mold a person gradually and in earnest. Humble beginning is good in business as it gives people time to watch for their trends in business as a pilot project before boosting out.

When one fears to take the risk, he she can approach a financial advisor who can direct the project. Learning through watching is also a good culture. By watching the experienced doing their operations can teach brave young women who can easily adapt a system.

Registering a business is something which many people ignore from the grassroots but will haunt in the development and growth later. People should get familiar with the brand and have time to gain confidence with it such that when the business is fully grown people will still be confident with the brand. Consistence in business is important.

A certain woman started her business and operated for three years and then suspended the business due to unfavourable economical conditions. While on suspension, a client started looking for the service which had been suspended and the business holder lost US $5,000 from that deal which lacked consistence. It’s time to get up and smell the good ground coffee and fasten shoe laces for a serious run-in business. There are many opportunities now in digital marketing.

A person can get a client who is a thousand miles away and payment can be done online and someone can earn a living.

Remember that what seem to be a mountain to someone is just a hill to you. Take the risk without fear and bolster confidence by working hard to achieve a goal. Never compare yourself with anyone because you are yourself and you live for yourself and not them.

Written By: David Nhau

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