Indigenous knowledge systems: the biggest library for youths

Editor : Arnold Mutamiri

Knowledge is normally passed from generation to generation. Which means all the researches done in the past are kept safe for future use. The old people living have so much to offer to the young ones. If one is an expert in this current generation, tomorrow he or she have to provide information for the sake of upgrade. Indigenous knowledge systems are a form of knowledge, or bodies of knowledge of the indigenous people of a certain geographical areas that they have lived on for a very long time.

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There are knowledge systems that have failed to die for the past 200 years or more. If youth get to know more about the past systems which worked, they can upgrade the systems in earnest for a change. The Indigenous Knowledge Systems are forms of information that have originated locally and naturally and they are linked to the communities that produce them.

Such natural communities are characterised by composite affiliation systems of relations among people, animals, the earth, the universe, etc. from which knowing originates. Indigenous knowledge systems manifest themselves through different scopes.

They may include agriculture, medicine, security, botany, zoology, craft skills and linguistics. Young researchers should take advantage of this knowledge to invent new things. The COVID 19 problems are haunting and affecting the world. Youth in the medical field should experiment with herbs which can cure the disease and stop folding hands and watch people dying all over. There are certain herbal trees which were used to cure diseases after they are brewed for a tea. Young researchers should be on bended knees to ask for knowledge from their old people.

Under agriculture, the world food security is threatened day by day through climate change and other weather-related problems. Young people under crop science and management should work hard in creating new varieties and hybrids which are drought tolerant and suit certain conditions prevailing at the moment. Under animal science, there are herbs all over which are used as snake repellent to protect snakes and other reptile animals from getting in homes.

Only a few young people have that knowledge. Herbs for sun screen lotions are plenty in Africa but youths are busy destroying the plants because they don’t know anything about that. Indigenous knowledge systems are more than just an exhibition knowledge and belief systems of the former settlers. Indigenous knowledge Systems are attempts to put the records straight on several issues, among them those that relate to history, education, architecture, philosophy, language and science.

The world is looking for great innovators and that space must be occupied by young people because of their energised power and ability to do great in the 21st century. The future of the world is the hands of the youths hence they must live a sober life to achieve big.

The older generation had the task of starting things and another generation came to perfect and now the young generation of this age must upgrade to world class standards. Riddles were used to foster fast thinking on the part of the young people. Riddles have confirmed that Indigenous knowledge systems are not something that is motionless, but a form of teaching and entertainment.

This has brought an edutainment aspect which is a combination of education and entertainment. So young people should value their old people as their center for research and knowledge to build a desirable future. Like always, there is bright light shining at the end of the tunnel.

Written By : David Nhau

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