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Written By: David Nhau

Did you know that as a person you should give yourself value? A question is not enough when it does not seek an answer or a solution. In many interviews be it work related interview or school related interview; they seek to know who the person interviewed is. Some interviews focus on the behavior to see if you are employable while some test the intelligence.  Most people who failed in their interviews were not ready to tackle questions about who they are and they did not know their strengths and weaknesses. Now take this time grasp the following tips, which may help you one day somewhere.


This is a concept of giving oneself a full total value package. This package has many work areas, which youths must know. In this package, there is LANGUAGE, DRESSING, BEHAVIOUR, INTELLIGENCY and SOCIAL SKILLS.

  1. Language:

Language is something, which every person must learn and develop from childhood. There are many languages in the world; some are formal while some are informal. When speaking in public or in an interview, one should not use terms he or she is not sure. Language goes well with gestures as well, but when in an interview one should avoid to use too many unnecessary gestures. Avoid dirty language always because once you are used to it one day you will chant it in front of your elders, bosses and influential people capable of giving reference to you.  


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Written language is also important. One should avoid writing bad language on social media because some employers have a tendency of doing background checks before they employ a person. So, when they find out that you are good at writing nonsense, they can scratch your name out and label you. Colloquial speech is very common in youths or slang. This slang must at all costs be avoided in school, work and home. I hope you will improve your language today and start working on language branding. Good luck!

  • Dressing:

The way you dress speaks volumes believe me. There are people who are identified by their dressing, bad and good. When you go to an interview dressing very shabby, the person interviewing you will judge you before you say even a simple good morning! Dressing communicates because we say everything communicates from head to toes. One should know how dress and blending colors. Here is an example, imagine wearing a tattered jean trousers, red floral shirt with purple buttons and blue collar then down you wear white shoes. Do you think if you speak good to the person interviewing you and convince him or her will be quite satisfied about the way you dress? If you have been having a challenge on the way you dress, go and change your wardrobe and start buying decent clothes to brand yourself and give yourself value. What you do today is a reflection of your future. Be employable by the way you dress. There is no school designed to teach people how to dress but you are yourself tutor to brand you.  Know what to wear depending on the type of event you are attending. There are two types of dressing which are casual and formal. When doing formal business, formal dressing is the way to go and when doing casual business, smart casual is the way to go.

  • Behaviour:

On this category of branding youths should give a listening ear.   We do so many behaviors at school and home, which a working environment does not tolerate at all, and one can lose a job simply because of behavior. First things first, there is what is known as public relations skills. One should know what to do in public. The character of greeting people and smiling is very import in personal branding. People should know you as a person who is approachable that way you brand yourself as a person who is employable. There are rules and regulations at every workplace but when you want employment in an environment, which deals with the public, you should be very approachable and greet people with smile. There are people who do smoking and sniffing and some do drink alcohol. This may be their good but it is a bad behaviour smoking and sniffing in public. This may affect non-smokers and sniffers. Criminal behavior is something, which must be avoided at all costs. The issue of background check is something, which employers are doing these days before they employ anyone. Stay clean if you want to be employable. Imagine if you are a young man and have a criminal record of harassing young women even your sisters’ home and you want to be employed in an organization, which deals with women, will you be employable in an environment, which takes half of your day with women?  Change your behaviour and give value to your behaviour for personal branding. We want to know you as a person with good behaviour and morals. Start working on your behaviour in earnest.  Stay away from nuisance behaviour such as masturbation, voyeurism and sexual offences. Good luck, hope you will have time to brand your behaviour.

  •  Intelligence:

There is intelligence, which is natural and associated with wisdom. When doing things, one should apply intelligence for desirable results. We must know you as a person who is clever and not a person who is dormant. You should be always having your head up in knowing current affairs and all the recent changes and technological advancements in the world. The world is moving too fast in this digital era where things are digitalized. Some interviews are now conducted online; businesses are transacted online as well so heads up and brand yourself. There are so many youths who are into entertainment industry but are not earning what they are suppose to be earning because they are not keen to know the new standards of living. One can sell music online and reach more than 50 million people online. Brand yourself and move with time.  There are many digital applications used for the ease of life and improve the ease of doing things. Rural youths can have a meteorological application where they can check the weather outlook before they do their gardening. This may guide one on the weather of the day and one can plan accordingly. Good luck! Have time to test your intelligence today. How many things do you know which your neighboring youth does not know? Start working on improving your cleverness and brand yourself.

  • Social skills:

Do you know that there are people who are known as social misfits in our communities, schools and work places? What are they in your view, and why are they like that? Let me answer you, these are people who isolate them from others and some they think they are special than others while others they think are not better than others. Such people should listen right now for a better solution. Take a minute and join a group of youths who are discussing their weaknesses and contribute your weakness and say, “guys can you me to be part of this discussion”. They will accommodate you and you are good to go believe me you! Do you know that swimming with others is a social thing and you can get know new things and surviving skills in water? Going fishing with others is social but you can get life skills out fishing and have a steady income.  Learn to be social and this way you can help others and can be helped too by being someone who is open up. Being social at work you can get somethings which you did not know and share experiences. Here is an example; you are an artisan an electrical engineer and you are working with structural engineers putting some lights in a newly built workshop area designed as a car garage. One of the structural engineers has approached you and say we want our cables run out the building and there is need for us to drill and open a small hole where the conduit pipe will run. Because you are very social, you can learn how to drill and operate a drill machine. By that, you can learn new skills socially. So today, upgrade yourself and brand yourself by adding value to yourself.

Good luck!


I hope you will take personal branding packages seriously and be a better person. It may take some time but go with it slowly till you get there. You are a better person and you will continue adding value to yourself till you are aged. All these tips are possible if you believe that there is a creator above who wants to see us with our value.

Keep on following www.youthscareer.com   for more tips on personal branding and more.  There are so many things, which are considered on personal branding which this article has preserved for you. Watch the space for part 2, which is also loaded with other tips like eating habits in the public, professional way of greeting people, effective public speaking, and negotiation skills (convincing people in 90 seconds of conversation). The last part or part three will focus on professionalism and working with difficult people.

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Stay blessed. 

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