How to become a Teacher in Australia as a Foreigner ?

Teaching in Australia

Are you seeking for a teaching position that will allow you to work in various educational environments in Australia ? The NSW Department of Education is Australia’s largest educational system, and trained instructors can choose from a variety of job options there.

Are you a seasoned educator who resides abroad or locally? Do you want to work in a public school in NSW? Good news! The NSW Department of Education’s Recruitment Beyond NSW Program assists trained teachers in obtaining clearance to teach and maintaining full-time employment in remote and in-demand schools.

There are excellent schools in 33 locations around NSW where you might advance your career, get a variety of incentives and benefits, and make a significant impact. Rural and remote NSW has a lot to offer.


The department has been putting its Rural & Distant Strategy into practice since 2017, with the goal of luring the best and the brightest educators to some of NSW’s most remote regions. The final component of the approach adds two important enhancements to the already appealing array of incentives and professional advantages available.

The following are benefits that differ from school to school:

a new incentive for rural teachers worth between $20,000 and $30,000 gross year
a new $10,000 gross experienced teacher benefit for a maximum of five years.

$5,000 gross per year in retention benefits for a maximum of ten years, 50% rental subsidies at incentive schools with four points, additional days for personal and professional development, and transfer points.

Programme Recruitment Beyond NSW
Host NationAustralia
Official Website
Closing DateOpen
Eligible StudentsVarious Nations
Recruitment beyond NSW

The NSW Department of Education will support you throughout the program, and successful applicants will receive help with relocation, Australian border control measures, quarantine, and visa needs.

If you want to work as a teacher in a NSW public school, whether you are a recent graduate or have teaching experience, you must satisfactorily complete the department’s criteria.

Graduate Recruitment Program applications are accepted from pre-service teachers enrolled in programs at Griffith University, La Trobe University, NSW and ACT institutions, and La Trobe University.

If so, submit an application for the Teachers in the Field Program’s Classroom Cover Stream to gain further teaching experience. For Years K–6, Years 7–12, or Years K–12, there are temporary roles available in a variety of regional, rural, and remote NSW public schools.

Temporary teaching positions are offered for up to three years under the Classroom Cover Stream of the Teachers in the Field Program at either one school (inbuilt relief) or throughout a geographic hub of schools. Educators involved in the Classroom Cover Stream may gain from: reduced travel time for teachers who previously had to make lengthier trips to cover sporadic vacancies; lengthier contracts for employees who may have previously worked on a contract basis; appointments with advantages like paid time off and other perks; and more security in one’s job.

Under this strategy, temporary teachers are allocated to a group of schools, with one serving as the “hub” school. Hub and spoke schools are organized based on travel time, ensuring that teachers commute for no longer than an hour on average.

Teachers will work out of their “hub” school and go to their “spoke” schools as needed to provide relief and release. Temporary teachers hired under this model are required to have access to a personal vehicle, have a valid driver’s license for New South Wales, and be ready to travel to participating schools.

It is preferable for you to identify specific schools and regions in which you would accept an offer if you want to change the places where you are willing to accept a permanent teaching position.

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