Employee training & development : a case of work-life balance !

Editor: Arnold Mutamiri

Having a good and a steady job is a blessing in life as life was designed that people should work and sweat for success and to bring bread and butter on table. People in the showbiz are often taken as people without time for family but the opposite is true. In life, people should learn to balance work and life as life has its own problems which need to be solved so as work.

Sparing time for family and life is very healthy not to the employee alone but to the family too and everyone around. Research recommends that workers need to have support networks at home, at work, and in the public.  Do you know that many single parents’ especially single mothers feel that they are failures in life as they concentrate too much on working for the family and giving little time to the children?

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It is true but most of single mothers are now balancing work and life through employee training and development sessions, which outline such issues. Drugs and substance abuse is on the rise because many children are not having time with parents to guide them and their future. Young women are also taking drugs and it has become a state of emergency in many African countries and world over.

Many people who are formally employed work for at least 8 hours day and this means they work 40 hours a week. Then the question goes, if one works for 8 hours a day then how many hours are devoted for the family? At home, children need time for homework and social time with parent/s. During the weekends, there is time for children and for a worker to rest.

It is advisable that during the weekends when resting, people should go out for sporting events with family and friends. It is in that time when parent/s may spot changes in their children and address issues affecting children and also fill the gap of some missing things in their lives. While resting, one can rest while generating some money through small investments like picking up tomatoes in a backyard greenhouse with the family for market.

“It is advisable that during the weekends when resting, people should go out for sporting events with family and friends”

Some workers use their weekends for reading for career development. It is a good thing but they should squeeze to allocate time with the family. Musicians can take time to take out the family for a daylight show and entertain their families. The same with actors and film makers, they can spare time to watch movies or films together discussing pertinent issues.

Doing a shopping with children is refreshing and may create a bond between the children and their parent/s. Many countries have adopted into legislation the rights of employees and in such rights the worker may apply and granted a work leave be it paid or unpaid.

This is a room created to balance life and work therefore; workers should not hesitate to take at least 30 days of resting. Long distance cross boarder truck drivers, pilots and people in the medical field, which may need more than 8 hours of service should find ways to balance life and work before the two conflict and creating problems.

Taking too much time out home may lead to divorce and extra marital affairs in partners or married people. In children, they will lose grip and bond with parent/s. The golden rule is that, there is time for everything. Allocate adequate time for life and fix challenges while you may have time to do it.

Written By: David Nhawu

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