How work – life balance is difficult for most youth employees ?

Editor : Arnold Mutamiri

Employees can create a tension between work and life if fail to balance the two. There are companies, which have day and night shifts in their schedule of operations, and this may allow employees to rotate shifts. Transport sector is one sector, which demand a full 24 hours cycle and this means that employees have to provide the service in two shifts, which are day and night with over time as well. Airport services are very demanding since flights all over the world may fly at any time.


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Employees often sense that their work and life are out of sense of balance because of conflicts between the two. Feelings of frustration are only because of work and nonwork conflict. According to research, work-life conflict has been found to be associated to increased health risks, decreased productivity, delay in services and poor mental health. Late night jobs may interfere or conflict with family activities.

Health wise, people who work late night may end up having difficulties in sleeping and the sleeping pattern may be disturbed. A worker who works more hours on duty may suffer a lot socially and times the time one finishes working most of the shops will be closed.

The closure of shops means that one is forced to look out for an expensive night service to buy food. This is a work life conflict too. Night shifts may affect communication, as spouse since during the day one will be asleep and in the night one may be awake creating communication conflicts. A haulage driver was on his trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo from Harare Zimbabwe. The journey consumed three days for the driver.

“Late night jobs may interfere or conflict with family activities”

The wife called during the night just to check on the husband and the husband failed to concentrate on the call since he was in transit. The scenario caused the marriage to break as the wife felt that she was not having time with the husband. Therefore, the interests are always at conflict and the stress made the wife to over react leaving the husband frustrated too.

 Now that her wife no longer loved the driver, do you think he concentrated more on driving? It means that journey had more problems and risks faced if truth is to be said. The driver either failed to deliver the consignment in time or delivered it stressful with emotions. Such situations may cause accidents and affect the worker in terms of health.

Employees should not take overtimes for long in the name of extra pay ups as this may leave their lives in danger of May things. Employees must be very careful on other duties, which may harm them physically and emotionally. Day shifts have their own challenges as well.

Imagine a farm worker employed to operate a combined harvester and is working in a wheat field, which is ready for harvest. While working then unexpected rains hit the field. Do you thing the employee may leave the task of harvesting? It means that he has to work extra hours to remove the grains before they are badly affected by the heavy moisture level. In rounding up this article. Employees should accommodate and balance well work and life.

There are behaviours, which are brought by work life conflicts. The tone may change due to stress affecting social life. People should avoid taking work related issues and mixing with life issues. There should be a balance for a health living. These are issues, which career development counsellors should take to the podium and teach people.

Written By: David Nhawu

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