How self assessments are used for performance appraisal ?

Editor: Arnold Mutamiri

Career Management Systems include the factors such as self-assessment, authenticity or reality check, goal setting, and action planning. One may need to do a self-test and evaluation in his or her career. While doing an assessment, there is a need to take pen to paper and make a score sheet which at the end of the test one can value himself or herself. If one scores less than 50 percent then reading for career development is necessary.

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Here we go now with the test, how do you relate with others at work. Do you know your job description and are you doing what is required by your job or task given in your career? Do you have passion for your career? Where are you with your life and career, have you achieved anything tangible through your career? Who are you in your career structure? Do you know your roles? Have you ever inspired anyone with your career? This is part of self-assessment and it can help you to improve or upgrade yourself.

The world is changing daily, hence the need for upgrade is also necessary for you to catch up with everything. Self-assessment is good as it may help workers or employees to classify skills they are lacking and provides them with precise information about what they can do to develop skills through training, job experiences, or enrolling in an academic program.

There are people who got jobs with minimum entry qualifications and got relaxed for long failing to further their academics. This is very dangerous as one day you may wake up on your position with a better qualified person with better education than yours. If this is your position, you need to read for career development and advance.

Why am I here? This is a golden question which may challenge employees. If you ask yourself the question, why am I here it will help you to see if you are worth of your job and value. If you feel you don’t fit then find a way out and go and upgrade yourself. Aim to go high by means of promotion, if you are employed and never have a promotion for five years, it means that you need an upgrade.

Self-Assessment must be done every year and then after 5 years one must revisit his life to check on it and balance both life and work to come up with a balance equation. This assessment applies nearly to every career and job. As a farmer, you must examine if you are knowledgeable in farm management and business ownership and finance. If you see your strength in management and lacking business ethics, then find a way to upgrade the business side of the farming.

On goal setting, one must check if he or she is working towards goals set. Goals are such targets set for a twelve months period. After a stipulated period, one must do an evaluation. Let’s say one is a cross boarder truck driver, he or she must set a target of driving for 20 000km and resign. After resigning one must have something which may keep him going. You can set a target of 5 years in driving then quit for transport logistics and management.

You can gain experience on the road then change to managing transport and clearance of good. Have you noticed something here? This truck driver case studied here has upgraded from being on the road into the office. So, a motor mechanic can upgrade from workshop to office as a technical buyer. I hope you will take self-assessment seriously to change and upgrade your life and career.

Written By: David Nhawu

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