Sports betting addiction: a silent killer of Youth dreams

Editor: Arnold Mutamiri

There is a monster called sport betting, which has shifted focus on our African young men and young women too. We need serious grooming and nurturing in African youths. People from the age of 15 upwards are being tempted by sports betting. Some have a strong feeling of regarding it as a smart way of making money. Yes, I do agree that it is a smart way of making money indeed but it is also a smart way of driving one’s future astray. The betting process has a winning bonus, which can attract one’s interest, but have you ever put in on table to analyse how much money one can inject into betting for a win? You have the answer, why cannot you just invest that little dollar and finance a small and manageable project.

There is nothing called a hopeless career: all careers matter !

When I was at school, we had our way of funding ourselves as boys. We had a crowd-funding fan club where we used to bank at least 1 dollar a day including weekends. What it would mean is that, we had to raise $7.00 a week and at the end of the year, we would marvel around with $364.00. The money was kept as sort of a fixed deposit account. Taking you back to our trending issue, if you bank at least US$ 7.00 a week and strive to withdraw it after 6 months it’s still make sense because you can invest it and get double or thrice the amount at the end of the year. Think of a project first then be honest on your cash flow, remember it is you who has a goal to make and not anyone, so stop cheating yourself because if you plant air, you will reap whirlwind at the end. 

Where there is discouragement there is always an encouragement. Where there is a will there is a way. It does not make sense to talk and not give solutions to problems. We need to help someone here to get out of the mess. It might be too late or not too late but the fact will remain the same, get help. Sport betting is gambling and I think we are all in agreement with that. Therefore, in gambling you may expect a win or a loose. Why would you risk losing the little that you have? Are you guaranteed of winning every day or every time you devote yourself to gambling?  Once you start losing, you will keep trying a lucky and at the end, you will be surprised one day realizing that you are bankrupt.

Gambling is a fast way of inviting poverty and worrisome behaviours. An element of addiction cannot be ruled out on this matter. Once one gets an addiction, then it means there is more time spending on things, which attracts the heart by means of addiction. Addiction can kill one’s dream and all the dreams lined ahead can be shuttered. Get a life coach today if you think you are having a problem with this monster called sport betting. A life coach can be your teacher or former teacher or any person from the clergy or a youth councillor in your area. Do not let your focus be driven by something, which does not build your future. You still have better things do achieve before you turn your eyes to sports betting. Start raising money for some driving lessons or something, which you think, can be of benefit in future.

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