How Youths will Earn Money during the Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022

Qatar World Cup

Road to Qatar FIFA World Cup

The Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 is a Football showpiece that is going to be hosted by Qatar from 20 November to 18 December 2022. The Football show spectacle will expect to attract tourist from all over the world with more than 1 million fans expected to travel to the Gulf nation to watch the tournament.

Qatar was granted the rights to host the FIFA world cup in 2010. Qatar will become the first nation from the Middle East to host the FIFA world cup and Doha is the host capital city to host the tournament.

Qatar spent an estimated $200 Billion USD  to build new a new public works projects which included new Stadiums , new motor high ways, theme parks, railway lines, hotels, restaurants and airports. 

Qatar is a very small Arab nation that has around 3 million residents and the majority of the residents are expatriates workers from other nations around the world.

Hosting the FIFA World Cup is a miracle because 100 years ago Qatar was just a small country that mostly relied on fishing as its economy. In early 1930, Qatar discovered Oil that began to revolutionaries their economy into a global supplier of oil. In mid-1970,   they discovered Natural Gas that helped explode their economy to the next level.

The current ruler of Qatar is Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani who inherited the throne from his father Sheikh Hamad who jump-started the economy success of the kingdom.


The Qatar World Cup has received its fair share of criticism it was marred in controversy from the 1st day as it was alleged, of corruption, scandal and it lead to the former FIFA Leader Sepp Blatter stepping down from his position.

According to the ILO 2020 report, it found that over 1 million migrant workers were among other things mis-treated during the construction of the infrastructure, as some of them died due to work related injuries. Amnesty International also accused Qatar of a poor Human Rights record.

Reformed Society

However, the Qatar government has since improved the labour laws of their country and now allow employment agencies to employ foreign workers using international labour best practices. The Qatar government has also since relaxed many strict religious laws to accommodate everyone from different backgrounds to feel welcomed at the 2022 Qatar FIFA World cup. Qatar will also allow women to attend Football matches and experience the fun and the passion of matches live.

Opportunities for Youths to Earn Money

For those that will manage to travel to the event:  they will be theme parks dotted around Doha the capital city. The parks will host live large TV to screens Football outside the stadiums.  

  • It is an opportunity to sell Football merchandise, world cup memorabilia, hats, caps, refreshments to the large Football fans.
  • Three musical festivals have also been lined up; with a host of world class DJ and big name artist to perform during the world cup tournament and lot relievers will be around for the shows.
  • Young entrepreneurs have an opportunity to sell snacks, refreshments, food and alcohol since it will be allowed; to sell alcohol outside Football stadiums.
  • Young chefs can open up food caravans to sell exotic dishes to foreigners, as they will be craving for clean tasty dishes.

For young entrepreneurs that won’t travel to the showcase; a massive opportunity will be available to sell Football branded merchants online on platforms such as eBay, Ali express and drop shipping on social media.

  • Young designers can create branded clothing with national flags on it and pictures of their favorite Football players. Some merchandise can be sold on Redbubble, eBay and other online platforms even after the world cup is over.
  • Youths can sell replica jerseys to fans across their native countries, as most fans will be cheering on their national teams at home.
  • Some youths can organize for travelling Football fans: Travel and tour packages that can safely assist Football fans to travel to and from Doha into other parts of the regions.
  • Young Entrepreneurs can assist Football fans with Hotel accommodations from neighboring countries such as Dubai or Saudi Arabia and help Football fans book for cheaper accommodation.
  • Some youths are creating themes parks that have large TV screens to televise live matches of the FIFA world cup matches in their local communities.
  • Such Parks will serve meals, drinks and snacks to jubilate Football fans.  

Written By:  Arnold Mutamiri


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