How to avoid office romance at a work place?

Editor: Arnold Mutamiri

Office romance is very difficult in this world where rights are totally respected, there are some things which are now going slowly out of control. Everyone has the right to date a person of choice at any time but do we say at any place too? Now this is where the controversy starts. Love is full of surprises and one may have a heartbreak and the whole deal of work will be plunged into serious complications at work.

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Heartbreak at work reduces the targets at work, efficiency and some people may lose concentration resulting in bad decisions at work. Reality tells us that love has no boundary but people should learn to control their selves and love life. Matters of the heart are crucial at work as they destroy work relations.

Can office romance be avoided at work? Yes, it can be avoided but how?

The employer should set the rules at work, which must be strictly followed nearly by everyone at work. A simple rule is to have a sexual harassment policy at workplace which prohibits the staff from entering in any love affairs. The managers and secretary stories are the common stories with office romance where the two may work late in the night and end up having sex in the office.

When one feels to push the work with some extra hours, he or she can choose a more comfortable room without disturbance and use the extra hours efficiently without any hinderance from colleagues. The other option is to work from home deep in the night where there is time for romance and no restrictions as well from work policies.

Do you think there is a danger in loving someone at workplace?  Yes, there is a danger in having a love affair at work. At times people will end up being jealous for each other resulting in unnecessary conflicts at work. If one cannot manage the stress well, he or she can commit suicide at workplace or somewhere else but linking with the workplace.

Many researches have pointed that people who got married while they started working had their relationships traced back at work where they met each other. This is very possible as most of the workers are very good at pretending and keeping their affairs secretly. How long can be a secret kept at work before it blooms and everyone got to know?

Nobody knows but usually people who date each other have a tendency of not want to lose each other. At tea break or lunch, they hunt for each other. If given the chance or met at a private and secret place, they either hug or kiss each other and this has a danger of trigging sexual desires.

People are social at work but when having small talks at work try not to use words which may seduce a colleague into wanting sex. Sending nude pictures and love stories to each other on the mobile phones is becoming common at workplaces.

Not all the people can control their tempers well, some are not good and can be turned on by simply reading romantic stories which will lead them into a physical act of experimental purpose. What can the employer do when find out that the employees are having affairs at workplace? Calling for a hearing is the best way to handle the matter. Employees must always be reminded that they have a goal to achieve than to be reminded of losing a job. Save your job today and save others around you.

Written by: David Nhau

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