There is nothing called a hopeless career: all careers matter !

Written by David Nhau

Here is a new shift of things which youths should take seriously. There are so many young men and women who are venturing into the music industry and take it as a hopeless career which does not need any serious qualification and can employ nearly anyone with the skill of playing instruments. This article will reveal that, music industry is becoming more formal in this 21st century. Music industry can employ people in the following category, band master, band manager, tour manager, song writers, instrumentalists, vocalists, sound engineers, music producers and stage managers.

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The listed professions under music can make one’s band more formal and international music scouters can support artistes who are professional. For long music was taken as a hopeless career but today it is employing a huge number of youths who are now earning and living decently. Universities across the world are taking students to study music as a science subject rather than an art subject. Youths should take advantage of such opportunity to explore more with recent changes in the world. In Zimbabwe, mbira instrument makers are earning a lot since mbira and other traditional instruments are now studied in the music subject and heritage at primary school level to university. In a country with economic hardships, one can create own job to earn a living.

The idea of creating own job is not bad but it needs a bit of formalizing so that the business becomes very professional. There are people who are making instruments and modifying them to suit a world class standard so that they can realize a higher value and price internationally. Mbira instrument was created as an acoustic instrument but the 21st century generation has perfected it to be played amplified together with marimba instrument. One should be convinced now that there is nothing like hopeless career. In musicology and ethnomusicology there are subjects which have proved that music has a scientific element and a bit of mathematics. In the subject called harmony, people focus on making good sound through dealing with chords and chord progressions. The tonic solfa is full of mathematics which people should know form one music note to the other there is the mathematics of blending the sound.

In areas of band management, managers should be very good negotiators on behalf of the musicians. The more successful the music show is, the more earnings to the management. So it is slowly becoming clear that music industry is an industry of professional people. However, choosing this career, one should have passion which he or she must keep perfecting as music can change anytime blowing to any direction it may want. Music falls under show business or showbiz which means it is a business of entertaining people and making them happy. Music people should know how to satisfy followers hence public relations is needed.

After all these explanations, choose wisely your trade area in music industry. If you want to focus on management then it means you cannot be on stage to perform but rather focus on making deals while the band is performing on stage. I know many people still may want to argue that the music industry is employing people without education but with skill. It may be true but skill is acquired through education and practice. In wrapping this article, I will point out Oliver Mtukudzi who was awarded a doctorate of music and became a businessman who died running a big arts center which many tourists visited to learn more about music management and playing instruments. Never shut your dream if you still want to pursue a music career. An uneducated musician can employ educated people to assist running and professionalize the career.   

Editor : Arnold Mutamiri

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