UNDP Supply Chain Analyst (Zimbabwe)

Closes 11 Feb 2023

As the primary recipient of the Global Fund HIV grant in Zimbabwe, UNDP is a significant partner of the Global Fund to Fight HIV/AIDS. In this capacity, UNDP assures excellent financial management, prompt supply acquisition, and effective monitoring and service delivery. The National Pharmaceutical Company (NatPharm) has a contract with UNDP as a sub-recipient (SR) for the receiving, storage, and distribution of all Global Fund grant-funded health items across the nation to delivery end points.

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The UNDP/Global Fund, USAID, and other health partners have significantly strengthened the management of the Republic of Zimbabwe’s health product supply chain over the past ten years. In recent years, UNDP, the Global Fund, and other Health Development Partners undertook a number of studies, where problems with the Supply Chain, inventory control, and storage of health supplies were observed. The supply chain inspections have made it easier to pinpoint NatPharm’s operational shortcomings.

Despite the fact that the country was hit by the Covid pandemic in the first quarter of 2020, resulting in widespread lockdowns and severe logistical challenges, significant progress has been made over the past 12 months in the implementation of the NatPharm optimization plan thanks to the management of NatPharm and the technical support from UNDP, Global Fund, and the partners. The list of internal governance rules and documents has been finished. However, this effort has grown to create a thorough Document Registry. The Registry and all related paperwork will be kept safe by the NatPharm Internal Audit.

Host NationZimbabwe
Official Website
Closing Date11 Feb 2023
Eligible CandidateGraduate Degree
UNDP Job Summary

Duties and Responsibilities :

  1. Assures that the management of the HIV, TB, and malaria health products supported by GF resources complies with WHO recommendations, UNDP, Global Fund quality assurance rules, and any national regulations.

Report on all areas of excellent warehousing practice, related quality assurance activities, and difficulties that require rapid action on a regular basis;
assists NatPharm in maintaining storage conditions in accordance with manufacturer requirements by monitoring, documenting, and taking the appropriate actions to maintain temperature and humidity;

  1. Keeping an eye out for NatPharm’s adherence to the requirements of the Sub-Recipient Agreement and national laws.

helps with reporting and monitoring of the SR/Harmonized KPIs as required by SR;
encourages and helps NatPharm to share any papers that are necessary to the regular SR reports;

assists in the KPIs PRs verification process and responds to questions and clarification requests.

  1. Work closely with the WFP and the audit firm that UNDP hired for stock take and invoice verification to ensure that their tasks are completed on schedule.

aids NatPharm in timely updating the NAV system and receipting information;
obtains all PODs from WFP and helps NatPharm with document recall and archiving;

  1. Regularly report to UNDP on the receipt, storage, and distribution of HIV medicines. Do the same for TB and malaria goods with MOHCC.

examines and evaluates NatPharm’s stock value and other information before sharing them with UNDP and MOHCC;
manages all inventory management activities, including but not limited to receiving, storing, distributing, and incinerating; assists in managing, coordinating, and reporting on these activities on a monthly basis;

aids in monitoring and coordinating the GF Action Plan in the Management.

Required knowledge and expertise


two years of relevant experience and an advanced degree (Masters or equivalent) in logistics, supply chain pharmacy, or a similar field; OR a Bachelor’s degree in pharmacy or a closely related subject and four years of experience

Experience in pharmaceutical warehouse inventory management of at least 2 years (Master’s degree) or 4 years (Bachelor’s degree);
proven abilities and competencies in pharmaceutical supply chain system strengthening and project management optimization;

working knowledge of Navision or comparable ERP inventory management software for warehouses;
a track record of dealing with individuals from various national and cultural backgrounds;
basic familiarity with various supply chain/logistics software programs;
the capacity to organize presentations, make presentations, and answer to queries from groups of managers, customers, and suppliers;
An extra advantage is prior employment inside the UN/INGO environment;
Excel proficiency or similar data management software experience would be advantageous;

Essential Language (s)

Having a working grasp of Shona and/or Ndebele and speaking and writing English with ease.

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