Youths must not be depressed because they are not employed

Written by David Nhau

The norm is that, after school Youths must receive employment either as a qualified artisan or as a casual unskilled worker since the colonial era in Africa. Not somewhat more according to this article. A number of youths out there may argue and still want to be employed when the world is slowly running out of jobs due to digitalizing systems.

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A number of youth’s bank tellers lost jobs due to the introduction of the automated teller machines. In the mechanical engineering industry, there are many changes happening and people are losing jobs because there are machines designed to do the works, which qualified artisans spend years at universities doing. There is one industry, which does not need machines but needs human to do the work. That industry is agriculture. In agriculture, one may use a small piece of land to earn thousands.

Let us get going with the tips, youths, young men and women can have small greenhouses at the backyard and still can be self-employable to employ others. Why waiting! This is an idea, which can change the life of someone weeping and lamenting for years looking for a job. Mushroom is grown in dark rooms, which anyone can construct at home and be self-employed. A tray of Oyster mushroom weighing 300g in Harare, Zimbabwe is going for US$3.00 – US$3.70 depending on the quality of the produce. There is nowhere one can just jump out of bed and have $3 without having worked. Backyard farming is becoming popular in most urban set up in Africa; youths should target that, and make a name by producing fresh produces.

Have you ever noticed that in farming business one is guaranteed of daily sales because people eat every day? In southern Africa, tomatoes will be scarce in winter because of the cold spells, which always hit the region. Imagine in that season with your product ready for market! It is time to wake up and be creative for a brighter future. Some people are exporting fresh farm produces to dessert countries, which are not producing at all. Three or more backyard farmers can make a consortium, get an export license, and realize huge profits while at the same time contributing tax to the government so that the economy will get up and walk. At times government policies are slowly implemented to benefit the youth and young people resulting in the youth being victims to many things. The only way to run away from being victims is by taking opportunities to create own job and occupied to things which makes a future ahead.

There are certain daily mistakes, which people continue to make. After realizing good money, people should bank their money. This way the bank will be satisfied that their client deserves a favor and one can easily acquire a loan and expand from being a backyard farmer to a small to medium commercial farmer. Financial discipline is very important. When operating such backyard projects, one should be on a personal monthly salary and not to use the whole gross as a salary. In concluding, be professional in everything. The way one presents his or her business lures more customers on first site. The business language and negotiating skills should be also practiced no matter how small the business is. Be your own boss and make money the way you want. I hope this article will be of benefit to someone in desperation situation. It will be a good thing to get a feedback from you reader.

Edited by : Arnold Mutamiri

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