How to Become a Volunteer at African Union ?


Muammar Gaddafi founded the African Union 9 July 2002 in Durban South Africa. Its parent organisation was previously called Organisation of African Unity, African Economic Community. The African Union consists of 55 African States located on the continent of Africa.

The function of the African Union include, to promote the unity and solidarity of African countries, defend African sovereignty, remove colonialism, help international trade, coordinate and harmonize member states policies.


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 The African Union organisation offers the African youths an opportunity to pursue a Volunteering career with them and it comes with great learning and development possibilities. Working for the African Union helps to fulfill the Agenda of 2063 and offers a fulfilling environment for the African youths.

How Youths Apply

– Aspiring volunteers who fulfill all requirements should fill out the online application form and upload their CV.

– Organizations wishing to deploy youth volunteers are required to fill out the online request form.

– Alternatively, organizations can send their request to
– Screening of Volunteer Applications and Volunteer Requests would now be screened for completeness through a vigorous and transparent process.

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Volunteers at Work

– Candidates whose application was not convincing would be eliminated and notified.

– Volunteers are also permitted to reapply for second time until they are approved.
– Matching: Applications of nominated volunteer candidates are matched with available vacancies according to the criteria specified by the requesting organization.
– Volunteer Training: Prior to their deployment volunteers would be trained for a period of 2 to 3 weeks by the AU-YVC unit to enhance volunteer’s professional, interpersonal and life skills.

Team of Volunteers

– The training aims to prepare volunteers for their country of deployment and/or enhance their capacity.
– Deployment: selected volunteers would now sign a tri-partite agreement with their host organization and the AUC, which shall guide the terms of deployment.
– Progress Assessment: volunteers are expected to provide regular reports on their activities and address challenges to the AU-YVC unit.

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