Skilled workers trained at vocational schools now in demand !

Editor: Arnold Mutamiri

Skilled workers trained at vocational schools are now in demand with most modern and high tech organizations. Have you ever wondered that television was once a state-of-the-art technology in our homes? Today things are changing and the change is happening so fast that people who are eyeing for engineering subjects and careers should enroll with polytechnic schools and vocational schools. In Africa, many polytechnic schools are now offering programs, which are internationally certified, and with Higher National Diplomas which are nearly or close to degree equivalence.

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Not all the students are meant for universities. Some are great innovators and should go under the baking and moulding processes at vocational training centres and polytechnical colleges. There is a room for big minds in practical training schools. The world is fast running away from using high demand sources of energy opting for clean energy.

Youth should grab such opportunities and start inventing new ways of serving the world. Solar power stations are up and running in many countries and its not only solar, which is popular, but many sources are being slowly introduced. This is electrical engineering faculties offering such practical courses and equipping students with skills, which are on demand all over the world.

The mechanical engineering is also growing fast. The mind of coming up with electrically charged vehicles and automotive engines which uses water is welcomed in the world. Now, skill is on demand and polytechnical colleges together with vocational training centres have big tasks to do in equipping the youths. There are many lithium deposits emerging in Southern Africa and it means vehicles, which uses lithium batteries, must hit the market in the soonest of time.

All the countries, which are producing lithium as a raw material, must start to manufacture batteries and this is a clear opportunity for practical training centres to shine in training and equipping students with essential knowledge. The saying knowledge is power is meaningless when there is no practical aspect in it.

Skills are needed in the world to move the world to another level. Skills should start at primary schools offering students the chance to experiment and to discover new things. African students are producing new musical instruments at primary school level. Such skill must then perfect at a practical school and a room for talent exchange must always be there as this may help to perfect products. Zimbabwe has adopted the practical learning in universities and it is called innovation hubs where students or learners are given the chance to go practical.

Gone are the days of admiring ancient engineers, rather we should perfect what was invented long back to suit the current situations in the world. Youths should waste their energy in innovation than in taking drugs which are killing their future and living the world with a crisis of manpower and skill. The power with practical learning is that they require passion and the ability to read and write in Africa. God is the creator of heavens and earth.

In his creation he has blessed the man with the power to create too as He has likened his creation to him. That blessing is manifesting on earth as the world has for long witnessed a shift from the early creation. Not only white-collar jobs are paying these days but anything design to help man achieve big things using few resources and power. Rise up walk and change the mindset for a better world we all desire to see. Salute to all those who are in science and innovation hubs. There is a bright light at the end of the tunnel.

Written By : David Nhau

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