Disability is not inability at work: we have to get it right now!

Editor: Arnold Mutamiri

We have to get it right now that disability is not inability. So many times, in this world, we have seen youth policies in Africa and Asia designed to help people living with disabilities as if they are not capable. The idea is good but, it has a sense of discrimination. People with disabilities can do many things which some of the people who are able cannot do.

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The world is embracing everyone with love and respect. It is that time where the disabled should stand out and display their skills. There are highly qualified people with disabilities academically who are teaching the able, coaching the able and nurturing the able.

Here we go now, in order to improve the situation of discrimination at work, literacy-based training to instil an understanding of the importance of human rights is necessary. The idea is to kill that sense of discrimination in many people. People living with disabilities should claim their position and stand firm to defend the right to be employed.

There are many jobs lying today waiting for the people with skills. One can be a qualified teacher, does it mean he or she cannot be employed because of the health status she has?  Some are not disabled as they might think but they only have permanent injuries and with such a health status, on can be employable.

Women with disabilities in this world are the ones suffering a lot in any country whether developed or developing country. In September 2015 the United Nations stated that; gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, but a necessary foundation for a peaceful prosperous and sustainable world.  However, goal number five of the Sustainable development goals is to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.

It will be noble to first think of the disabled disadvantaged women and girls in employment. Opportunities for the disabled are plenty but they are waiting for people who serious to take them with pride. There are opportunities in the arts industry. The disabled can come up with a musical band, some can be very good painters on their wheel chairs, some can be craftsmen doing their beadworks while some can be very good fashion designers.

The deal is about having passion and the spirit of challenging situations. Our youths with disabilities should be trained to think outside the box for a living. They have the equal rights with people who are able. Imagine that, there is no school examination for the disability only but the examination is general. That sense of generality is what need to be promoted and let the disabled be employed to a safe and a better position where they will put their maximum effort to build a better world.

What need to change in the agenda on disability is the mindset with people living with disabilities. They should not take their pride down to feel as if they are worthless. The world is waiting their expertise to move forward. There is a role to be played by such people so that we can advance as a team without living no one behind.   

Disability is not inability, stop limiting yourself. Do whatever it takes to be the real you. Be yourself and never try to be someone else. Let the dream be a reality today. Be employable and show the world that you are capable of anything and disability is just a name and can never stop or limit anyone.

People living with disabilities… together we can!

Written By: David Nhau

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  1. This is an interesting post and there are certainly many inspiring stories of people with disabilities who have achieved great success and are making valuable contributions to the world. It’s wonderful that we are seeing a shift towards greater acceptance of people with disabilities, especially in terms of their right to be employed. However, it is also true that there is still a long way to go and that discrimination is still a very real problem. Are there any initiatives or programs being implemented to ensure that this discrimination is taken seriously and that people with disabilities are given the same rights and opportunities as everyone else?

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