Islamic Development Bank – ISDB is Recruiting: Procurement Division (2024)

Closes 27 Jan 2024

Having 57 member countries and 3 official working languages, ISDB has a rich diversity in culture.

Career Development

You choose how you grow in your career. You get to decide the kind of impact you want to become in your field.

At ISDB we believe in equipping our talent with the best resources to enable us so we can in turn enable communities.

Total Rewards

We seek highly competitive talent and compensate it with highly competitive pay bench marked with development banks globally.

ISDB provides pay which is tax free and inclusive of all benefits for you and your family.

Job Purpose:

Assist in ensuring integrity of the Bank’s operations transactions through developing policies, guidelines, procedures and tools, as well as to provide support to ensure and enhance adequacy of financial management systems of Bank’s operations.

Family Orientation

You are always part of a family at ISDB. We extend our family values to your own families. In addition to integrating family needs in our compensation, we also provide benefits like flexible working hours and maternity/ paternity leaves so you never miss out on moments with your loved ones.

Knowledge Center of Islamic Finance

Be a part of the growing Islamic Finance Center – an alternate to conventional banking.

As a trend increases of using Islamic Finances, be at the center of the research and application of the model.

Located at the Heart of Islamic Civilization

The Headquarters of ISDB is located in the city of Jeddah, which apart from being the diverse coast of the Red Sea lies between Makkah and Medinah.

The Mission

Join the mission of enabling even the most fragile of communities to overcome barriers of development.

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Key Accountabilities:

Project Financial Management
• Review IDB’s policies and procedures to ensure consistency with the project financial management policies of the Bank.
• Support the selection of external auditors based on best practices of other MDBs.
• Contribute to the review of procurement process, particularly the terms of reference, for the selection of auditors and financial management consultants for projects.
• Assist project beneficiaries of IDB financed operations with the development of sound project financial management systems and familiarize stakeholders with IDB’s financial management policies and procedures in liaison with the field staff.
• Ensure financial management of all operations and ensure compliance with policies and procedures of the Bank.
• Provide necessary technical support to local implementing/executing agencies and project teams to carry out financial management of all IDB’s financed operations.
• Review audit reports of executing/implementing agencies and external auditors for all projects under implementation, to ensure compliance with IDB’s financial management policies/guidelines and raise flag in case of any risk.
• Assist in providing advisory services to the DG Country Relations & Services and DG Global Practices and Chief Economist regarding project financial management matters during all stages of the operations cycle as well as during strategic discussions held with countries.
• Assist in develop the necessary controls to detect unusual occurrences as part of an early-warning system to help prevent fraud and corruption.
• Prepare country financial accountability assessments over the project cycle of the Bank.
• In conjunction with Knowledge Management and Institutional Learning, contribute to the development and dissemination of the knowledgebase of financial management best practices, lessons learnt and country profiles in relation to procurement.

Education, Certification and Experience:

• Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Economics, Business Administration or any other related field.
• Minimum 5 years of relevant experience in project finance, auditing, or development economics.

Skills & Necessary Knowledge:

• Planning & organizing
• Well-developed Negotiation skills
• Project management
• Advance Financial (Balance Sheet) Analysis
• Analytical thinking
• Problem solving
• Passion for excellence
• Effective stakeholder management skills
• Knowledge of Corporate Governance and best practices
• MS Office


  • English – Mandatory
  • French – Mandatory

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