ICRISAT in Africa is Recruiting Corporate Services Officer (2023)

Closing date: 4 July 2023

The dryland areas of the world are increasing under the impact of climate change. For e.g. more than 3 million ha have become semi-arid over the last 40 years in India and 40% of the land grown to maize will not be suitable for this by 2030. This will have hugely disruptive implications for African livelihoods and lives. Focusing on drylands is critical and ICRISAT is providing science-backed climate-smart solutions to millions of smallholder farmers in the drylands to build their resilience to climate change shocks.

Dryland crops are climate-smart crops as they can grow in poor soils, withstand drought, high temperatures and require less water. High-end genomic research is being deployed to improve the desirable traits in these crops to further withstand climate change shocks.

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Apart from crop research, ICRISAT has developed a pool of climate-smart agricultural practices that can improve resilience of smallholder farmers in the drylands. Various interventions are being carried out to build farmers’ resilience to the impacts of climate change such as:

  • Varieties and hybrids adapted to higher temperatures, water stress and pests and diseases

We begin the year 2022 with great enthusiasm, having been honored with the prestigious Africa Food Prize 2021. This recognition has further strengthened our commitment to advancing agriculture and food security in the dryland tropics, and we are pleased to present to you ICRISAT’s annual report for this year, which is particularly significant as it marks the Institute’s 50th anniversary.

Job Description


ICRISAT seeks applications from dynamic Zimbabwean Nationals for for the position of Officer – Stores and Purchase. 

Job Responsibilities:

  • Processing of Requests for Purchase, sending out enquiries, compilation of quotations, preparation of purchase orders, follow up with suppliers and clearance of imported materials and goods.
  • Maintains and updates all connected registers, records and files
  • Arranging the receipts of catalogues from suppliers, maintains a record of sources of supply, and estimates maximum and minimum order requirements of stock items, initiates action for purchase in time in coordination with requisitioners.
  • Reviews and follows up on purchase requisitions regarding specifications, quantities, methods of delivery, pre award review and planning.
  • Analyzing and evaluating the database information regarding vendor’s performance as regards to quality, prices, delivery, equipment and procurement.
  • Checking and accounting of all materials and goods ordered for official use and maintains correct records on an up-to-date basis in terms of quantities and cost.
  • Ensuring efficient and effective management of the central stores.
  • Periodic inventory to initiate action to estimate and replenish stock items
  • Issues, receiving and dispatching assets and goods into and out of the station against documents
  • Reviewing of slow moving and non-moving items, maintain and adjusting records (bin cards) showing the movement of cards showing the movement of cards into and out of the stores.
  • Maintaining of good housekeeping of the stores and warehouse
  • Prepare Material Request issue report monthly and charge recovery and submit to Finance.
  • Monitor movement assets
  • Receiving and issuing of fuel and does fuel reconciliations
  • Listing of all purchases for the month and submit to Finance for recovery purposes
  • Submitting of fuel tax refunds every month for tax refunds by ZIMRA


  • Bachelor of Commerce Degree (e.g. Accounting, Business Studies, Purchasing & Supply Chain Management, etc.)
  • Full Membership of Chartered Institute of Purchase and Supply is a distinct advantage.
  • Minimum of 2 years related sector work experience.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of local and international procurement practices.
  • Proficiency in Accounting Packages, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Apply by 4 July 2023. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Key Skills, procurement, stores, asset verification, goods issuance, logistics services

Additional/Preferred Skills

inter-personal skill, communication, negotiation

Preferred Qualifications


Preferred Industry Experience

1-2 years experience

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