Mental health & stress problems among young workers

Article by: Arnold Mutamiri

Quite a number of young people in the world are living depressed with many known and unknown issues around them. Old and mature people feel oppressed too especially when children have grown up and left home. Some people are unprepared to adapt to this new chapter of life. For years, most parents give priority to their children with the common sense that children come first. This is done with good intentions.

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When children are grown, every parent expect his or her offspring to do their life freely. The challenge now comes when one is not employed and not getting any source of income to take care of self. This is normally where mental health problems start to haunt young people. Some young people will go as far as committing suicide because they failed to resolve to accept the change and face real challenges. There so many testimonies about young people who are indulging in drugs and substance abuse simply because they are fighting depression. But is drug and substance abuse the way to overcome depression?

Education, Employment, Hunger and Poverty, Health, Environment, Drug Abuse and Juvenile Delinquency are some of the things which need attention. Under Education, young people feel they should get enough education to face the world with resilience. If not educated enough they will get depressed especially when they see others progressing while they are not employed or seated doing nothing. Employment is totally haunting most young people and is the major cause of depression. Hunger and poverty is a serious monster especially in the marginalised countries. If one is not employed and is struggling to survive then it means hunger and poverty is always knocking at his or her door. Young people are having health problems caused by depression.

In fact depression is a health hazard because it develops or creates many health problems like headaches, dizziness, heart problems and blood pressure. So, what can be done to reduce the levels of depression and mental health plus stress issues? Sharing concerns with others can help a lot as this may pave way for a dialogue which may have solutions. Remember that a problem shared is a problem solved. Finding something or a new thing to do can help relief stress.

 A new project like gardening and collecting flowers and herbs may help to buy time. Writing articles and sharing them on the internet may be a good idea too as the information is spread across the world. This is good because one can get a contact and connect with other people abroad and share ideas or will end up having a job.

There is a tendency of turning to crime when one is too stressed and depressed. After taking too much alcohol to get relief from stress, many will devote to crime unexpectedly. If at work one is mentally disturbed of salary issues or low payment and returns, some will end up stealing.

This is a greatest mistake of all. People should learn to be satisfied and move on smoothly with adjustments in life. If one is not getting enough salary, he or she must keep hunting for new jobs than to steal to satisfy own desires. Stealing at work is not a good culture because if one is not honest on small things or she may also be not honest on big things. One committed to crime it is hard to leave or getaway from such traits. Be cheerful with what is around you.

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