Perspective on politics and governance by youths

Article by: David Nhawu

Quick facts point out that young people between the ages of 15 and 24 total almost 1.1 billion and constitute 18 percent of the global population. The statistics were revealed in 2005 which means that the statistics has shoot to amazing numbers today. Youth most probably adolescence on puberty stage and children together, including all those aged 24 years and below, account for close to 40 per cent or slightly above of the world’s population. Young people are facing many challenges which needs proper address in good faith. In Africa, a number of youths are not quite educated which means a great deal of young people remain illiterate.

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The majority of youths are unemployed and this is a time bomb which in its due time when explode, world leaders will have a challenge in handling it. In the time of having no job at all it means these young people are idle and they can do anything controllably and uncontrollably as well. About 7 000 young men and women are infected with HIV daily in that idleness. Goes the question now, who is at fault on these youth related issues? Is it the government or national leaders who are ignorant and who are failing to address the youth problems?

Young women continue to face discrimination and violence including sexual violence and early child marriages in many parts of the world.  These young women and girls lack access to reproductive health services especially in Africa. Other countries are slowly responding and acting on these issues especially in urban areas while rural areas are still silent and slow to act.

The sad part about young men and women is that politicians to defend their interests, as they are involved in armed conflicts, use the majority of them. It now the time for youths to contest for Presidency positions, governors, Member of Parliament, councillors and other political administrative positions to defend their rights.

The United Nations has long recognized that the world’s youth are resourceful for the advancement of societies and shaping the world to be a better place. Youths are visible in social spheres, political and technological developments, as well as active agents of social change. Therefore, the world must equip the youth to take front roles in politics and governance.

Youths must support each other and push for their agendas without the use of violence or unaccepted ways. Inasmuch as youths are very energetic, how many have worked and recognised among billionaires? Young people must organise themselves well in areas like sports and nurture good governance there while penetrating administrative positions slowly.

The basics of promoting democracy and good governance must be Transparency   Accountability   Inclusively   Fiscal Responsibility Good Leadership   Respect for Human Rights and Rule of Law   Democracy and Fair competition for public office as mentioned by Muzwakhe Alfred Sigudhla in Addis Ababa in 2004. Human rights abuse and lack of respect for rule of law is still very high in Africa, Middle East, South East Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean and other parts of the world. The most affected groups of people are the youths, orphans, single mothers and the disabled.

Policies on youth unemployment is needed to permit young people to overcome their hindrances and disadvantages against older, more experienced, workers.  Let the youths’ voices be well-preserved and considered in public decision making. The UN General Assembly urged “Member States and entities of the United Nations System, in consultation with youth-led organizations, to explore avenues to promote full, effective, structured and sustainable participation of young people and youth-led organizations in decision-making processes”.

Editor: Arnold Mutamiri

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