How to send an email for a successful job application ?

Article by: Arnold Mutamiri

Many young people world over have devoted their time to internet surfing the net discovering new things and learning as well. While internet has become a new toy and play ground for many, others are taking it as an opportunity to apply for jobs locally and abroad and some apply for good recognised universities in the world. Applying for a job via email is one of the easiest tasks if done correctly in a good manner. This is one thing every youth should do without hesitance at all. Gone is the time where people used to buy post stamps to apply for a job or a university place. Life has been made easy and desirable by using email for formal business. First things first, what to include in a job application Email is, the recipient’s address.

This is very important although some may take it lightly that the recipient’s address is not that important. Job recruiters are keen to know more about where the person is applying is from. Not all the countries are listed on the banned list of recruiting for job but some are listed so the address is important. The date is another small thing which people may ignore. The date is there to show the validity of an application so it is very important to put it when making an application.

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Proper salutation, yes salutation is important and must be done in earnest. People should follow instructions well. If the letter is addressed to the recruiter or a certain department or a certain individual by name, please that has to be followed to ease confusion. Once one is not able to follow instruction in applying for a post then it means other difficult tasks to follow will not be done properly together with other commands from the senior management.

Mentioning your name in full and not putting some initials and pseudo names is very important. When one uses a pseudo name in an application, it will become very confusing when a recruiter processing an application gets to know more on the academic scanned certificates. If the application and certificates have two confusing names one may lose a job for that silly and stupid error. It is advisable to check for spellings before sending an application, this means that proof reading is important.

The position which is being applied for must be mentioned in an application so that the recruiter can easily pick up your profession and place you at your right place. Some companies have a tendence of advertising more positions especially when they are new or opening a new branch.

It is best for the one making application to pick one position which one feels has good qualifications which suits that position. People who have done some customer services related jobs are also good at public relations. So, when the advert is looking for two positions that is customer services manager and public relations manager, one should easily pick his or her area which he or she performs better. The same with a band manager in music and a music promoter.

The two may seem to have many things in common but the reality is that the manager has a bigger task than a promoter does. They all both promote the artiste but the manager will then go an extra mile which the promoter cannot do. The last important thing is to mention a brief description of educational background and skills to provoke the recruiter into wanting to know more about the applicant.  This has to be done wisely mind you.

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