Netherlands: University of Twente Scholarship for Students from Non EU Countries (2023)

Closes: May 1 2023

The University of Twente, which at the time of its establishment in 1961 was still known as the Twente Technological University of Applied Sciences (in Dutch: THT Technische Hogeschool Twente), managed to stand out early on by fusing technology with the social sciences. The “third technical university of applied sciences” also set itself apart with its campus layout and educational philosophy.

The University Twente Scholarship (UTS) is a scholarship for outstanding non-EU/EEA students who are applying to the University of Twente’s graduate program (MSc). Become one of UT’s top-performing students. Only chance to participate in one of the three honors programs, Research honors, Design honors, or Change leaders, in an intake.

The creation of a third technical university of applied sciences in Enschede was approved by the House of Representatives in 1961. Alkmaar and Deventer were passed over in favor of Enschede. The decision was likely influenced by several factors, including the existence of a robust manufacturing sector (textiles, metals, electrical engineering, and chemicals), the textile sector’s need for innovation, and the textile sector’s strong lobbying efforts on behalf of Eastern government agencies. This decision was likely influenced in large part by the municipality of Enschede’s decision to make the Drienerlo estate available to the Netherlands’ first campus university.

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Starting in September 1962, construction began. The architects, ir. W. van Tijen and ir. S.J. van Embden, were assigned the following task: build a fantastic technical university of applied sciences. The harsh winter caused a protracted pause in work. Her Majesty Queen Juliana gave a speech during the official opening of the University of Twente, which was still known as the THT, on September 14, 1964. There were 200 students in the first class, including 4 girls.

The university didn’t have her current name—the University of Twente—until the summer of 1986. Due to modifications made to the Dutch Academic Education Act in 1984, Dutch HBO schools were now permitted to use the title “University of Applied Sciences.” To avoid misunderstanding, it was decided to change the name. In 2011, Queen Beatrix attended the university’s 50th Dies Natalis celebration.

VALUE OF SCHOLARSHIP: € 3,000–€ 22,000 for a year (around 50 scholarships offered). Please read the information on two-year study programs below if you have applied for a two-year program.

To pay the costs of the second year of a two-year study program, students may be eligible for an additional UTS in an amount equivalent to that of the first year. The scholarship will only be maintained during the second year, though, if the students satisfy the UTS application standards.

Host NationNetherlands
Official Website
Closing DateMay 1 2023
Eligible CandidatesNon EU Students
University of Twente Scholarships

You need to fulfill all of the conditions listed below in order to be qualified for a University of Twente Scholarship.

  • The process for applying for a UT scholarship is distinct from the one for enrolling in classes at the University of Twente. No matter how much money you have, you must first obtain an admissions letter.
  • You have been accepted (provisionally) to one of the qualified UT Master programs, beginning in the fall of 2023/2024. Please be aware that it could take up to 8 weeks for you to hear back after submitting your application.
  • Your student number is a requirement.
  • You (if applicable) meet the prerequisites for obtaining an entry visa for the Netherlands;
  • You meet the prerequisite for the general English language test. IELTS Academic 6.5 (or TOEFL iBT of 90) and an additional 6.0 (TOEFL iBT of 20) on the speaking skills subscore
  • Dutch study loans are not available to you; the University Twente Scholarship is a prize awarded to deserving students. This usually indicates that you are in the top 5 to 10 percent of your class.

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