E-Learning & its influence in career training

Article By: Arnold Mutamiri

Since the world is fast moving with a magnificent pace, people need to move with time as well embracing the newest technologies in career trainings. Job recruiters must focus on blended E-learning and traditional approach that comprises online, classroom, and on-site work with more follow-up and support. Digital Technology allows digital collaboration to transpire.

Digital collaboration is the use of technology to improve and extend employees’ abilities to work together irrespective of their geographic closeness. Digital collaboration may include electronic messaging systems and this include e mails, electronic meeting systems such as video conferencing like zoom, online communities of learning organized by subject where workers can have interactive discussion areas and share training content and Web links, and document-handling systems with collaboration technologies that allow interpersonal interaction according to experts.

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E- business can allow contractors, suppliers, and engineers to buy and sell products and services as well as having discussions on blueprints, architectural designs, project designs and other information to cut building time.

There are many things and advantages of using the digital technologies in career trainings and development.  There are however two-way system of communication using digital technologies which are, synchronous communication and Asynchronous.

In synchronous communication, trainers, specialists, and learners interrelate with each other live and in real time the same mode they would in face-to- face classroom instruction. Technologies such as video teleconferencing and live online courses (virtual classrooms) make synchronous communication probable. Asynchronous communication refers to non–real-time communications or interactions. This means that, people are not active online and cannot communicate with each other without a time delay, but however, learners can still access data resources when they want them. By using E-mail and virtual libraries allow asynchronous communication to take place and that way is a good example of asynchronous communication.

Trainings online can allow people to learn from a distance and this is the main advantage of e- learning in career training and development. Under this subject, there are many technicalities which programs coordinators and developers need to know for efficiency in e- learning. Technology restrictions and preferences is important for one to know and to consider as well. Web-based trainings must be designed for the bandwidth that is accessible.

The term bandwidth refers to the number of bytes and bits (information) that can be transportable between computers per second. Things like Photos, graphics, animation, and video in courses can be slow to download and this usually “crash” the system. Online learning or e- learning courses should be designed in a way that is easy and user friendly for the available bandwidth on the company’s system. According to experts in the computer technology systems, bandwidth can be amplified by advancement access speed on the users’ computers.

According to R. Clark and R. Mayer, they have explained well the common ways of Collaboration in Online or e-Learning. E-mail is used by trainees to communicate at different periods. Communications are received and succeeded at each trainee’s mail site.

Under social networking, trainees can share information through connections with other trainees, instructors, peers, and family through online communities and message services such LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Blogs (Weblogs) these are journal-like accesses which are posted on trainees’ Web pages for public viewing and people can easily access for a good readership.  Blogs characteristically have links to Web sites, along with the trainee’s private opinions and comments. Wireless transmission systems such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth allows broadcast of data without the need for physical connections between devices or between a device and an Internet connection. This is the best mobile phone can do in helping in career development.

Editor: David Nhau

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