How social media can assist youths in job hunting?

Article by: Arnold Mutamiri

Social Media has emerged to greater heights that it can assist people in finding jobs by a simple click or search engine. Not all the advertised jobs online are real, people need to have a third eye when searching for online jobs on social media platforms. The emergence of social media in the last decade has not only challenged traditional or mainstream media like the radio and television and print media. Social media came to give a new meaning to the way contemporary media produces and disseminates news and information.

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Social media and its various platforms have taken the world by storm and millions of job seekers have benefitted. Even though social media has its grey spots or disadvantages, it has more advantages than disadvantages if it is used well. Employment recruiters are reaching out to a wider base and a job advert can be shared on different social media platforms such that a recruiting agent in Australia can have his advert responded by a job seeker in Tanzania for example.

There are so many ways which a job seeker can do to certify his or her safety when using social media. There are many fake employers emerging on social media to lure more people for human trafficking and other illegal acts. People can check with embassies to see if the employment agent exist. Some agents are red listed and only embassy can attest to that.

Before social media came into power, people used to apply for jobs using the post methods, which took long to get the paperwork reach the intended employer. With social media, a job seeker can apply instantly using email and it only take few minutes if not seconds for one to get a reply. This channel saves time and money as well. Some adverts are done through mainstream newspapers who stream online or radio stations who also stream online. Not only job seekers have benefitted online, even university students have benefitted a lot by using social media on online applications.

Job seekers should have their CVs uploaded either in a mobile phone on any device they use to go online. This saves more time to start looking for the required paperwork while time will be ticking.  When eying for a long-distance job, people should have their passports ready or make sure the validity of a passport is still recognised, health insurance is in order and other legal documents. The main advantage of applying for a job online is that, individual can do a background search for the employer before applying. Background search is very important.

There are so many bogus accounts which are used by fake employment agents. Once one searches for the company information and fail to get satisfied information, it is advisable not to force matters or taking a risk. Certified employers on social media have everything formal and they don’t charge people for the services or quickly ask for bank details.

Through social media, some people give their testimonies over certain service providers and employment agencies. Not all testimonies are real, beware of being trapped in a net! Like said earlier, if used properly in good and earnest way, social media is good in assisting job seekers. People can get their paperwork done easily and can chat directly to the employer and negotiate for work conditions before job commences. Distance is no longer a barrier, get helped by social media to look out for a job of choice or university of choice. Check the profile before applying.

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