Internship a Form of Modern Day Slavery


Most Internship programs have become a form of modern day slavery using under unpaid graduates. The majority of internship students do not receive little to no pay at all when they first begin working for their first organization and receive no additional benefits.


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This is indeed one of the most criticized downsides to many internship programs. Nearly 50% of all Internships in Africa are unpaid and 85% of graduates are actually willing to intern for free.

Critics believe that colleges and companies are constantly pushing students to join internship programs because these companies save millions of dollars annually by “hiring” interns.

Most of the students do not have medical benefits, Paid leave benefits, Maternity benefits and other forms of benefits that mostly enjoyed by permanent staff members.

Although this may be true, most graduates that enter an internship program finish the internship receiving a highly coveted job offer.

In the other hand, a great number of graduates that do not have the tool of an internship network usually leave college and cannot find a job.

These graduates put up with having to wander from one job to another while the jobs usually have nothing to do with their field of study. Students who are willing to sacrifice a couple months of salary usually end up winning because they find a well-fitting and well-paid job in the end.

Reference; Study Moose

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