Importance of Internship


Internship is on the Job training that helps students become ready for work in the industry of their choice.

Changing Environment

As the industry begins to evolve so, do the needs for different jobs increases and does the necessity of being more competitive in a work field. In the 21st century, a college education is no longer enough to be competitive in the job market.


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The requirement for work experience and education is known as internship. Nevertheless, the fact that not many internship programs reward their students, an internship is an essential element for a student’s career in today’s competitive industry. The skills and opportunities attained after having participated in an internship program definitely outweigh any downside to any part of the program.


One aspect in life, which must be well prepared, is networking. The more contacts a person has, the higher the chances of that person getting what he needs. Industry internships are a resource and the ultimate social network.

When a student joins an internship program, he is joining a nexus of connections that will last him for a lifetime. “Internships are mutual beneficial relationships.”

The intern gets an opportunity to look into the real world pertaining to his career, while the employer gets a chance to look for the brightest and hardest working members in the program. Many times in life, it does not necessarily come down to “how much you know” but “who you know”. Internships provide the chance to get to know many important people in the area that best interest a student.

Successful Way to Enter Employment Internships secure a successful way to find employment. For example, the majority of the young men that graduate from Technical Colleges in Africa end up interning for the mining industry. Most Interns end up becoming the mine engineers, production managers, directors or head of the various departments.

Reference: Study Moose

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