Scholarship: The Career Path for Many African Youths


For most African youths if they hear about scholarships, what comes to their minds is free education that; might be financed free to them but mostly after a tough exercise. Scholarships usually come in various forms and can be awarded by a University or any institution.


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Some African youths receive scholarships to study abroad just because they are good at sporting activities such as rugby, soccer, golf, netball, handball to mention but a few.

In simple terms, a scholarship is an assistance given to students for them to further their studies at different levels. Scholarships start from Primary school up to PHD level depending on the terms.

At times, scholarships will be sponsored for as much as 70% or sometimes 90% of the fee’s payment, or half depending on the terms and conditions of the scholarship. Many genius youths who excelled at school grades; are awarded scholarships to study at places like USA, Canada or Europe and some never came back to their native countries.

Nevertheless, one way or the other, the life of their families is transformed as some have become qualified doctors some of them, engineers, architectures and other high profile jobs.

To a larger extend scholarships have advantages and disadvantages to the native nation, as it takes the brighter minds of the country they have via scholarships. Clear evidence is on French soccer National team as it has many players of African descent who heavily dominate it.

It will be of an advantage if the brighter youths will opt to invest or come back and share the knowledge they have to their home countries.

African nations are behind on most of the basic infrastructure like health, because most medical procedures and operations force African citizens to be air lifted to countries like China, Singapore, UAE, India and USA.

Therefore, in conclusion most scholarships are a breakthrough to some students as they might be at risk of dropping out of school or University due to various reasons that may include death of parents or poverty that might have crippled their homes due to economic pressures.

At times, it is saddening that scholarships in Africa; are awarded to scholars who are bright in school despite a youth’s background; there are some well-recognised scholarship organisations that help children despite background such as UNICEF, Capernaum trust, Higher Life Foundation, Mudeka foundation and may more.

Finally yet importantly, before accepting or applying for a scholarship, it is very important to do a background check of the University and where it is located and how valuable is the program offered.

Written By: Arnold Mutamiri

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