WHO is Recruiting NPO – HIV/AIDS (Closes 3 Jan 2023)

WHO is Recruiting

WHO was formed When diplomats met to form the United Nations in 1945, one of the things they discussed was setting up a global health organization. WHO’s Constitution came into force on 7 April 1948 – a date we now celebrate every year as World Health Day.

In April 1945, during the Conference to set up the United Nations (UN) held in San Francisco, representatives of Brazil and China proposed that an international health organization be established and a conference to frame its constitution convened. On 15 February 1946, the Economic and Social Council of the UN instructed the Secretary-General to convoke such a conference.


Support the Health Sector, including the Ministry of Health in strengthening national capacity and building partnerships for the control of HIV/AIDS in the country; Act as focal person in the WHO Country Office to manage HIV related work through coordination with Health Sector (MOH) counterparts, donors and health partners in these areas; Provide technical support in the development of HIV/AIDS national strategic and operational plans in addition to, coordination, supervision of interventions related to their implementation, monitoring and evaluation at both national and subnational level; Provide technical support to improve integrated health information system, especially increased demand, generation and use of quality data/information related to HIV.


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Despite significant progress in the implementation of control and intervention programmes over the years, South Africa account for 20% of new HIV infection and 20% of people living with HIV globally making it the largest HIV programme in the world.

The recent estimates from the Thembisa model indicates that about 7.8 million were living with HIV in South Africa in 2022 which is equivalent to 13.2% of the general population. The Country has a significant HIV and TB co-infection. For many years, efforts to tackle HIV have been largely independent of each other, despite their overlapping epidemiology. The risk of progression from latent to active TB is increased by infection with HIV.

Even though South Africa’s 95-95-95 target was at 95-77-92 in May 2023 progress has not been consistent across all provinces and districts with only six districts achieving the 95-95-95target.Despite being vaccine-preventable, hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection remains the seventh leading cause of mortality in the world. In South Africa (SA), over 1.9 million people are chronically infected with HBV.

In addition, the high prevalence of HIV infection amplifies HBV replication, predisposes patients to chronicity, and complicates management of the infection. The South Africa’s hepatitis clinical guidelines and action plans were approved by the National Health Council in 2018.



Essential: Medical degree or Degree in Public Health or Epidemiology or other related field
Desirable: Post graduate training of master’s degree in public health or epidemiology. Specialized training in communicable diseases


Essential: At least five years related experience in public health.
Desirable: At least five years working with the Department of health, a reputable public health institution or a UN agency.


Demonstrated innovative, analytical and problem- solving skills; statistical, monitoring and evaluation skills; ability to lead policy level dialogue, advocacy and partnerships on HIV-AIDS and the risk factors. Broad knowledge and understanding of HIV continuum of care, including country HIV response monitoring, and/or evaluation required. Good communication skills. Ability to harness partnerships and interact with health professionals at various levels. Demonstration of good writing skills and leadership qualities. Ability to establish effective networks and working relationships with people of different nationalities and cultural background Computer skills – Knowledge of word processing, spreadsheet and data analysis, browsing and information searching on the internet.

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