FAO is Recruiting National AMR Coordinator’s (Closes 28 Nov 2023)

FAO in Harare is Recruiting

FAO’s overarching role in antimicrobial resistance is to support the food and agriculture sector to address this global threat in a manner that reduces the use of antimicrobials in the sector to minimize its contribution to AMR and promote responsible use of antimicrobials in the context of sustainable food production systems and ongoing efforts to address food and nutrition security.

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FAO supports the development of global guidance and facilitates regional and national initiatives to develop and implement National Action Plans on AMR and integrate measures to address AMR into food and agriculture production and food safety systems.

FAO works closely with its quadripartite partners, the World Health Organization (WHO), and the World Organization for Animal Health (WOAH) and United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) to promote a One Health approach to addressing AMR at all levels.

The tasks of this position will support the implementation of a project on “Engaging the food and agriculture sectors in Sub-Saharan Africa, and South and South-East Asia to generate data-for-action to combat antimicrobial resistance using a One Health approach” and collaboration with WOAH, WHO and UNEP where relevant to support addressing AMR in a One Health manner.

Reporting Lines

The incumbent will work under the overall supervision and responsibility of the FAOR in Zimbabwe. The Assistant FAO Representative for Programme (AFAOR-P) will supervise the incumbent administratively while the Livestock Development Officer of the FAO Sub-regional Office for Southern Africa (SFS), the project Lead Technical Officer will provide technical supervision. The incumbent will work with the Budget Holder (CVO) in Rome, Italy, and the global project (GCP/GLO/1092/UK) and regional team in Africa.  

Tasks and responsibilities

•    Serves as the FAO national Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) coordinator and ensure coordination between FAO-Zimbabwe office and relevant government Ministries as well as other partners;
•    Leads the overall coordination, planning, implementation and reporting for the AMR Fleming Fund 3 project in the Zimbabwe;
•    Develops a work plans & project activities in partnership with the One Health Secretariat and ensure that the work plan aligns with the document, the FAO Zimbabwe Country Programming Framework and the FAO Action Plan on AMR (2021-2025);
•    Leads the coordination and implementation of the AMR Fleming Fund project activities, including advocacy initiatives, based on agreed work plan in close coordination with Government counterparts, and other implementing partners;
•    Ensures that the FF3 Zimbabwean program includes development and rolling out of data generation interventions at the farm level using the Farmer Field Schools approach and the harmonized data collection tools developed by the regional team; 
•    Monitors progress & expenditures against the AMR Fleming Fund work plan by tracking activities & targets with periodic review and revisions;
•    Prepares Zimbabwe AMR activity updates and provide presentations or contributions to regional AMR initiatives, as needed;
•    Supports FAO/WOAH/WHO/UNEP quadripartite coordination on AMR at national level through liaison and coordination with technical counterparts in WHO, WOAH and UNEP on the implementation of the projects.
•    Reviews and provide technical input into the development of both FAO and quadripartite (FAO/WHO/WOAH/UNEP) tools and documents related to AMR.

Minimum Requirements

•    Advanced University degree in Veterinary Medicine or related field.
•    At least 5 years of work experience related to implementation of projects on animal health with special focus on AMR, AMU and One Health.
•    A National of Zimbabwe.
•    Working Knowledge of English.

FAO Core Competencies

•    Results Focus
•    Teamwork
•    Communication
•    Building Effective Relationships
•    Knowledge Sharing and Continuous Improvement

Technical/Functional Skills 

•    Extent and relevance of experience in antimicrobial resistance, antimicrobial use and one health
•    Extent and relevance of experience in project management 
•    Ability to engage and deal with stakeholders at national and sub-national levels
•    Language requirement: Excellent written and oral communication skills in English 
•    Strong interpersonal skills and ability to work with a team and with people from diverse backgrounds

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