WHO in Harare is Recruiting Mental Health Consultants (Closes 3 Oct 2023)

WHO Job Vacancy

WHO and the Government of Zimbabwe with support from the World Health Organization is working towards developing a holistic mental health services package as evidenced by the establishment of working committee on mental health services package.

The committee has so far developed a framework for general  mental health services packages. The same committee recognized and recommended the need for the development of a forensic mental health services package.

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Purpose of the Consultancy

The purpose of this engagement is to provide technical support in the development of National Mental Health Forensic Services packages. The consultant will be expected to work closely with MOHCC, WHO and other mental health practitioners and partners on this.


Around the world, mental health services are striving to provide quality care and support for people with mental health conditions or psychosocial disabilities.

Yet often services face substantial resource restrictions, operate within outdated legal and regulatory frameworks and an entrenched overreliance on the biomedical model in which the predominant focus of care is on diagnosis, medication and symptom reduction while the full range of social determinants that impact people’s mental health are overlooked.

Forensic mental health services (FMHSs) provide treatment and rehabilitation for persons with mental disorders and interfacing with the justice system or diversion mechanism where aspects of therapeutic safety and security are major concerns. Forensic services also concern issues of determination of capacity and competency of persons to execute specific tasks or manage personal affairs.

Hence, Forensic mental health services here refers to a therapeutically safe mental health service to a selected population, not only forensic hospitals but also integrated, coordinated systems of care across the interface of criminal justice and mental health services.

Scope of work

In alignment with the national mental health strategic plan and under the overall guidance of the WHO Representative in Zimbabwe, the consultant will work closely with MOHCC, Ministry of Justice, local experts, VSO, WHO technical team, University of Washington, and other partners in NCDs and mental health to:

a)      Review the legal regime in Zimbabwe and abstract and define the scope of the aspects of Forensic Mental Health in the legislations of the country

b)       To develop/adapt/adopt a range of mental health services including  promotive, preventive, treatment and care services that can be provided when integrated into the  health care system, covering all age groups and special conditions through all the levels of the Forensic healthcare system

c)      Deliver a final version of the National Forensic Mental Health Services packages cleared by the WHO Zimbabwe Country Office, MOHCC, the Ministry of Justice, VSO and partners.

d)      Develop treatment guidelines/protocols/SOPs and Establish a training program to strengthen and integrate Forensic MH into services at primary, community and social care services (e.g. screening for common MH conditions and substance use, multidisciplinary team support, mhGAP, psychological interventions, PFA, FB and Self Help Plus training).

Experience required:

a)      Minimum of five(5) years relevant work experience in public mental health facilities

b)      Familiar with the Forensic, health system and community system in Zimbabwe

c)      The consultant should have proven record of similar assignment with reputable institutions.

d)      Experience working with the corporate world, UN system or other global/international

6.      Skills and Competencies


a)      Sound technical knowledge on mental health interventions

b)      Technical  writing  skills,  good  facilitation  skills,  knowledgeable  in  basic  computer  programs, efficient organizational and management skills


·         Technical Competence

·         Overall Attitude at Work

·         Teamwork

·         Respecting and Promoting Individual and Cultural Differences

·         Communication

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