USA Stamps Scholars Program for International Students 2023

2023 Program now open

E. Roe Stamps and his late wife Penny established the Stamps Scholars Program in 2006 with the aim of providing exceptional students with educational opportunities. Now, it is a community and scholarship program of international renown that supports exceptional students in becoming significant leaders in society.

Over 250 recipients of the Stamps Scholarship each year add to our community’s diversity and talent. Scholars receive yearly awards that range from $5,400 to $75,000 (four-year awards total an average of $21,600-$300,000), through partnerships with institutions all over the country (and into the U.K.), along with extra money for enrichment activities like study abroad, academic conferences, and leadership development. The Stamps Scholars Program and partner institutions equitably divide the costs of the scholarships.

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Other prominent honors, such as the Rhodes, Fulbright, Goldwater, Marshall, Beinecke, and National Science Foundation fellowships, are also given to Stamps Scholars.

How to apply ?

Simply submit an application to one or more of our partner schools to be considered for a Stamps Scholarship. You will be automatically considered for a Stamps award if you meet the requirements. Most of our partner colleges and universities don’t require a separate application for the Stamps Scholarship, but the deadline and procedure for awarding the scholarship, as well as its value, differ from school to school. Anticipate the process to include an interview (or two) or three.

Sponsors Stamps Scholars Program
Host NationUSA
Official Website
Opening Date2023 still Open
Eligible CandidatesLocal and Foreign Students
Stamps Program Summary

The Stamps Scholars Program targets students who exhibit academic excellence, significant leadership potential, and great character in collaboration with its partner institutions.

The Stamps Scholarship program is focused on developing leaders. A significant component of the selection process for recipients of Stamps awards is leadership potential. A supplemental financial prize is also given to Stamps Scholars so they can engage in leadership activities of their choice.

Students from different backgrounds and academic specialties are welcomed and supported by the Stamps Scholars Program. The lack of money is not taken into account. International students may be eligible for the Stamps Scholarship at some of our partner institutions. To view eligibility requirements, students may inquire directly with the program in which they are interested.

There is no transferability of Stamps Scholarships to other colleges or universities.

Selection Process

To be eligible for the Stamps Scholarship, a student must submit a direct application to one or more of our partner institutions.

The Foundation Fellows program at the University of Georgia or the Carolina Scholars program at the University of South Carolina are two examples of programs that include the Stamps Scholarship Program.

The Stamps Scholarship will frequently be automatically considered for applicants who submit their usual freshman application by a specified deadline (typically the early or “scholarship” deadline). To be considered for the Stamps Scholarship, our partner institution occasionally requires a separate application.

To learn more about the particular application process and deadlines at the school or schools of your choosing, speak with an admissions counselor or visit their website.

Please get in touch with one (or more) of our partner schools directly if you’re interested in being considered for a Stamps Scholarship. Scholarships are given out by the affiliated institutions. Please check with the schools you are interested in for further information on how to apply and what the perks of the award are at that college or university as scholarship terms differ. The Stamps Scholars website does not allow students to submit their scholarship applications online. The institutions listed below are partners.

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