Teachers from African regions now eligible to apply in UK (2023)

Teaching in UK

Teaching has been added on the shortage list and Africa is one of the countries chosen for teachers to come to UK. If you know any teacher interested, share the link below with them. Teachers are needed from February 2023.


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Our research shows schools take a variety of approaches to final selection. Some schools conduct interviews over a video conferencing service instead of in person. These online interviews are taken alongside all the other information provided about a candidate’s qualifications, experience and suitability to work with children. They can be a successful and reliable way of ensuring candidates are a good fit.

Other schools will make an annual visit to university recruitment fairs in their target country or countries. This generates a shortlist of candidates who can then formally apply.

Schools will also use recruitment agencies to support them through the whole recruitment process, including sifting and interviewing candidates.

When recruiting high caliber international candidates, in-person lesson observation may not always be possible. Especially in shortage subjects, schools may want to consider an alternative, online approach – for example, a lesson delivered via a video conferencing service.

Apply for QTS in England

We are changing the way we award QTS to teachers from overseas.

Currently, teachers who qualified in the following countries and territories are eligible to apply to Teaching Regulation Agency for QTS:

Australia, Canada, EEA, Gibraltar, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Switzerland and USA

From 1 February 2023, teachers who qualified in the following nine countries will also be able to apply to TRA for QTS:

Ghana, Hong Kong, India, Jamaica, Nigeria, Singapore, South Africa, Ukraine and Zimbabwe

This change is part of the launch of a new service to apply for QTS in England.

From 1 February 2023, teachers from all eligible countries will have to show they meet a consistent set of criteria for the award of QTS. Over time, this route shall be opened to qualified teachers from every country outside the UK.

This will ensure all non-UK teachers awarded QTS meet the same high standards, while also increasing opportunities for highly qualified teachers wherever they trained.

This guidance is for non-UK citizens who qualified as teachers outside the UK

To teach in England you will need:

The correct visa or status teaching skills and experience you can demonstrate to an employer to pass criminal and professional safeguarding checks (these will be organised by your employer)

The correct visa or status could be one of the following:

  • A pre-existing right to work in the UK, such as settled or pre-settled status under the EU Settlement Scheme or indefinite leave to remain in the UK
  • A job offer allowing you to apply for a skilled worker visa eligibility for another type of visa
  • Irish citizens do not need a visa to work or live in the UK.

It is also very helpful to have:

  • A teaching qualification (this can be from your own or another non-UK country)
  • English ‘qualified teacher status’ (QTS)

Visit Get into Teaching for general information and support about being a teacher in England, including details of salaries and benefits.

Applying for qualified teacher status (QTS)

Qualified teacher status (QTS) is the professional status teachers in England gain at the end of their teacher training.

Teachers who qualified outside the UK can work in English schools for up to 4 years without QTS. However, obtaining QTS will make it easier for you to find work and develop your career as a teacher.

This is because: in many English state-maintained schools, QTS is a legal requirement when the 4-year exemption period is up, in all English schools, QTS is used to assess the quality of candidates for teaching jobs.

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