Nedbank Graduate Youths Trainee Programme

Graduate Programme

Nedbank’s history traces back to the early 19th century with the establishment of the Cape of Good Hope Bank in 1831.

Following successive branding and structural changes, from The Nederlandsche Bank voor Zuid-Africa to the Netherlands Bank of South Africa (NBSA), to Nedcor Group in the 1980s, Nedbank Group was later formed in 2003 and Nedbank is now one of the four largest banks in South Africa.

Nedbank Quants Graduate Programme  

The Nedbank Quants Graduate Programme offers exceptional quantitative and capital risk management; through bank-wide rotation opportunities over a two-year graduate experience.

The programme is an environment that enables your success through the support and access to coaching and mentorship. Furthermore, we place great value on the principles of leadership and transformation, which are firmly ingrained in our culture. Through the programme, our graduates are exposed to leadership opportunities and participate in driving the strategic direction of the programme.

Corporate and Investment Banking Programme

Nedbank, understand the importance of providing opportunities to the leaders and innovators of tomorrow. This is why they use their financial expertise to support and enrich the learning and practical experience of the deserving superstars of tomorrow.


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By investing in the development of the future leaders, they are ensuring that positive differences will be created for Youths, their business and society for generations to come.

Required Fields of Study

  • Computer science
  • Engineering (all fields)
  • Information technology
  • Data and analytics
  • Cybersecurity
  • Finance and economics
  • MCom (risk management of financial markets)
  • MPhil (mathematical finance)
  • Agricultural science
  • Environmental science

Youths Career Development

  • A four-month foundational Corporate and Investment Banking programme offered by an international service provider.
  • A 12-month programme covering elements such as personal leadership and the latest developments in fintech, business acumen and systems thinking, offering you the opportunity to be involved with a Nedbank CIB-endorsed corporate social investment project as well as action learning projects.
  • Permanent employment if you are accepted into the graduate programme, offering you unique Nedbank experience.
  • Standard employee benefits and the opportunity to engage with top-management teams about the vision for CIB.
  • the chance to accelerate your career by working with top industry leaders;
  • exposure to theoretical and practical training;
  • Access to an alumni network of peers, based on a joint experience; and
  • The opportunity to learn how to bring changes in a big business through disruption and innovation.

Benefits of working with NEDBANK

From the moment you step into Nedbank, you will be guided through their processes and all the agile ways of working that allow them to produce high-quality financial products and services at an incredible speed – with room for innovation at all times. Young talent is paired with seasoned talent so that novel ideas and trusted expertise become one.

Teams are equipped with a varied array of professionals from all occupations so that each one is mentored by another’s view. In many parts of Nedbank buildings, there are literally no doors because we believe that open and constructive dialogue and a continuous exchange of ideas is what keeps us all learning. And if you ever become really stuck: you can always refer to our fully-fledged employee portal that contains everything you need to know about your job, your available resources, and how you as an individual can be empowered by the bank to unleash your full potential while gaining lifelong perspective on what it means to be the difference.

Nedbank Help Youths Career Develop by:

  • Enabling career mobility
  • Awarding internal bursaries for your future qualifications
  • Supporting youth talent through learnership and internships
  • Giving you access to a range of digital learning courses
  • Assisting you with your development planning
  • Guiding your career and development assessments

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