Young Experts Program at World Intellectual Property Organisation

Young Experts Program

World Intellectual Property Organisation – WIPO is a United Nations Specialized agency, which was formed on 14 July 1967 and has its headquarters at Geneva Switzerland.

WIPO was formed to protect Intellectual property – IP, of products, trademarks, services of various organisation across the world and Daren Tang currently heads it.


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Some of the activities of WIPO include hosting seminars for discussion of international intellectual property rules, resolutions of IP conflicts between nations or organisations. WIPO also sets uniform standards of IP rules and serves as the reference of all IP database around the world.

Young Experts Program

WIPO has a 2 year Young Experts Program aimed at youths who are groomed and trained to understand the technical aspect of IP and apply them to their countries and regions. WIPO takes youths from different backgrounds and nurture them with leadership and administrative skills thereby enriching their careers and encouraging them to contribute to the future growth of their native countries or regions.

Young Experts

Benefits for Youths

Youths receive a salary of 5000 Swiss francs (CHF) per month. Youths receive medical and accidental insurance coverage during the period of the program. Youths are covered with their travel expenses and are assisted during their application for their Switzerland VISA. Youths are assisted with accommodation.

Young Experts Program Requirements

  • Youths must be a maximum age of 35years of age
  • University Degree
  • 2 years of industrial experience
  • Youths must have a strong analytical and organizational skills
  • Youths must have communication and interpersonal skills
  • Youths must be fluent in written and spoken English
  • Other UN languages will be an added advantage
  • Knowledge in IP and innovation will be an added advantage

Location: Geneva Switzerland

Duration: 24 Months for 2023- 2024

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