IFRC Jobs Available In Africa


The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent – IFRC is the biggest disaster humanitarian agency in the world with regional offices all over the world.

IFRC has vacancies available for the African Region in the following countries: Kenya, DRC, Uganda, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Niger and Senegal.

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Humanitarian Worker

IFRC is looking for dedicated, energetic, ambitious, youths with leadership qualities to apply for the Administration roles that have arisen with in their organisation.

Job Description:

IFRC is currently enrolling vacancies for the following positions in the respective areas:

  • Assistant Human Resources
  • Assistant Information Technology
  • Disaster Manager
  • Manager and Finance
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Humanitarian Aid Workers

Job Requirements:

  • High School qualifications.
  • Relevant Degree in the Field Chosen.
  • Good Verbal, Written skills In English.
  • Flexible work Schedule including weekends and overtime.

Work Location: Africa

Remuneration: TBA to the successful candidate

Due Date: Ongoing

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