Tips To Avoid Labor Traffickers Online

Labor Traffickers

Labor Traffickers are a criminal syndicate that lure victims using online or websites; with false promises of job offers and opportunities. Labor Traffickers compel their victims to work by force, fraud, coercion or under inhuman conditions. Most of the victims are ferried away from their communities or native residence.


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Signs of Labor Trafficking

  • Workers will be held against their will and their employer use restraint or bondage
  • Workers will be desperate to escape their place of employment
  • Victims of the crime receive no wages or health and terminal benefits from their employer

Methods To Avoid Online Traffickers

  • Have a quick check of the organization online; check if the company is properly registered in the country, they are offering you the job.
  • Do not accept any Job offers overseas if you are underage or without the consent of the legal guardian.
  • Do not be desperate to accept all Jobs offers online because most criminals take advantage of the high numbers of job seekers.
  • Avoid payments of job offers online most of them are just scams
  • Never accept payments for sexual or escort services most predators create escort criminal syndicates
  • When travelling to a foreign country alert the embassies and provide as much information to them about your job offer and the employer
  • Have the contacts of multilateral bodies such as UN or NGOS that will be located in the country of the Job Offer.
  • Tell your family and friends through your social media accounts of your new job offer and the location of the new employment
  • Always have the local police enforcement contact details of the country you intend to travel

Written By: Arnold Mutamiri

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