IGCP : International Gorilla Conservation Programme is Recruiting [2024]

Student Life Counsellor is Required

In 1979, the regional conservation organizations working to protect the remaining mountain gorilla populations began collaborating. This umbrella organization, originally known as the Mountain Gorilla Project, focused only on conservation in Rwanda. It introduced anti-poaching measures and established an education program to help change local attitudes towards gorillas and forest conservation.

The mountain gorilla’s afromontane forest habitat straddles the shared borders of Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Mountain gorillas are found in Virunga National Park, DRC; Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda; Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Uganda and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda.

Our focus on conservation science ensures that IGCP’s advocacy positions and actions, and those supported by IGCP more broadly, are founded on evidence.

Much of what we know about mountain gorillas is from long-term behavioral studies of family groups of gorillas habituated to human presence.  IGCP supports ecological studies of mountain gorillas at subpopulation and population levels, to better understand the broader population dynamics along with the changes in habitat, climate and poaching to make informed actions and conservation investments.

IGCP works in partnership with other organizations and academic research institutions to carry out important conservation science in the region, including the Institute for Tropical Forest Conservation, The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, among others.

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Job Title:

Student Life Counsellor and Safeguarding Associate

Number of vacancies: One (1)

The associate will support the mental, physical and emotional well-being of all students. They will provide a high-quality counselling service to students experiencing a wide range of social, emotional and health issues. They will be a key to the school’s commitment to ensure all students reach their academic potential, develop the values and behaviours the school espouses and are best prepared for a fulfilled and successful adult life. They will be the go-to person for all child safeguarding issues for other members of staff, parents and students.

The associate will work closely with the Head of School and the Central team.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Counselling children on personal concerns concerning their classmates, school experiences and home life to keep them comfortable and focused
  •  Promoting emotional and mental wellbeing through various educational materials, guest speaker engagements and other activities on subjects such as bullying, peer pressure and maturing.
  •  Collaborating with teachers, administrative personnel and parents to resolve behavioural or situational concerns to help students succeed
  • Assisting in the mediation and resolution of conflicts to ensure that personal altercations don’t hinder the student’s academic goals and development
  • Coming up with counselling programmes such as alcohol and drug prevention programmes and peer mentoring programmes
  • Promote child safeguarding among students, staff, parents:
  • Be the reference on the Child Safeguarding Policy in the school.
  • Organise and run child safeguarding training sessions for students, parents and staff.
  • Display and spread information about child safeguarding in the school
  • Manage all child safeguarding issues:
  • Actively participate in all child safeguarding meetings and workshops.
  • Be the point of contact for emergency services: police, hospital, ambulance
  • Make referrals as necessary to external agencies, including child and adult social services, to protect and support the student appropriately.
  • Listen to the incidents and put into practice the different steps
  • Education process.
  • Get to know students and families to be able to understand family contexts.
  • React appropriately when an incident is disclosed to you.
  • Report all incidents according to the organization process:
  • Report all types of incidents rigorously via the online form.

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