Canada Work Permits for Foreigners – International Mobility Program (2024)

Canada Work Permits

Canada is a constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary democracy, founded on the rule of law and respect for rights and freedoms. The government acts in the name of the Crown but derives its authority from the Canadian people.

Canada’s parliamentary system stems from the British, or “Westminster”, tradition. Parliament consists of the Crown, the Senate, and the House of Commons, and laws are enacted once they are agreed to by all three parts. Since Canada is a federal state, responsibility for lawmaking is shared among one federal, ten provincial and three territorial governments.

Canada’s Constitution sets forth the system of fundamental laws and principles that outline the nature, functions, and limits of Canada’s system of government, both federal and provincial.

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Who can apply

To be eligible for this open work permit, you must meet the following requirements:

1. Apply online

You must apply online for your open work permit.

2. Live outside Quebec

At the time you apply for your work permit, you must live

  • outside Canada or
  • in Canada, but outside Quebec

While you must be outside Quebec to apply for this work permit, you must intend to settle and work in Quebec.

3. Hold an eligible CSQ

Your CSQ must be valid (not expired) or have been valid at the time you applied for permanent residence.

You can apply for this work permit before or after you apply to IRCC for permanent residence.

If you applied for permanent residence and IRCC already made a decision on your application, do not apply for the open work permit.

4. Have a letter of invitation

You must have received a letter of invitation from the province of Quebec to apply for this work permit.

Spouses or common-law partners (overseas or in Canada)

Your spouse or common-law partner can apply for an open work permit if you’re eligible for this open work permit.

Your spouse or partner can apply online at the same time as you.

If your spouse or partner doesn’t apply at the same time as you, they can’t apply for a work permit until your application is approved.

Who’s not eligible

You’re not eligible to apply if

  • you live in Quebec at the time you apply for your work permit
  • IRCC has refused your permanent resident application under one of Quebec’s economic classes
    • This applies even if you still have a valid CSQ.
  • you try to apply for this type of work permit at a Canadian port of entry

Using an immigration representative

If you’re a representative, find out how you can create an account and submit applications on behalf of your clients.

If you want to appoint someone to do business with us on your behalf, you must

  • sign it digitally or by hand and get your immigration representative to do so also
  • upload it with your application

An immigration representative (an immigration consultant or lawyer) can

  • give you advice and help you with your application for a fee
  • help you prepare the forms and documents you need to upload
  • answer questions about the forms
  • communicate with us on your behalf through their own account

They can’t

  • open a portal account on your behalf
  • electronically sign the application for you
  • sign into the portal using your username and password

After you read the declaration, you must be the one who types your name. This is the legal requirement for your application to be considered “signed,” according to Canada’s immigration law.

If you want to allow us to release information from your application to someone other than yourself who will not act as your representative you must:

  • complete the form and sign it (digitally or by hand)
  • get your designated individual to sign it as well
  • upload it with your application

Photo specifications

You need one photo for each person on your application.

Follow the instructions in the online application to scan and upload both sides of your photo.

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