How to apply for the Mandela Rhodes Scholarship?

Closes: 21 April 2023

One of Nelson Mandela’s three official legacy organizations, the Mandela Rhodes Foundation was established in 2003 in collaboration with the Rhodes Trust.

Our goal is to develop Africa’s extraordinary leadership capacity. Young Africans with aspirations to use their abilities to benefit their societies and our continent are those we seek out, support, and empower. By offering postgraduate scholarships to talented leaders so they can study in South Africa and take part in a residential Leadership Development Programme, we achieve this. Our approach is based on Nelson Mandela’s view that leadership starts with internal change as well as our foundational values of leadership, education, and entrepreneurship.

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In 2002, the concept for a collaboration between Nelson Mandela and the Rhodes Trust emerged. Dr. John Rowett, the CEO of the Rhodes Trust, and Professor Jakes Gerwel, the Chancellor of Rhodes University in South Africa and a trustee of the Nelson Mandela Foundation, had a revolutionary concept. With a rising awareness of their responsibilities to the world, they thought about how to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Rhodes Scholarships and the start of the new millennium. Together, they envisioned a compromise between the Rhodes Trust and Nelson Mandela, who was identified with South Africa’s new era of liberation. A partnership proposition from The Rhodes Trust to return some of Cecil Rhodes’ fortune to South Africa and Africa was made to Mr. Mandela.

Despite the conflict between Cecil John Rhodes’ legacy and Mr. Mandela’s own life and legacy, Mr. Mandela agreed to the cooperation. In colonial South Africa, Rhodes was an imperialist and a mining sector pioneer. Rhodes’ name conjures up for people in Southern Africa some of the most brutal aspects of colonial rule. Because he firmly believed in putting aside ideological differences to work toward a more inclusive society with equal opportunities for all, Mr. Mandela went forward with the cooperation. The collaboration with the Rhodes Trust highlighted Mr. Mandela’s strategy of restitution and reconciliation. The Mandela Rhodes Foundation’s ever-provoking name is an invitation to the victims of colonialism to take part in and help to mending the harm caused by colonial times.

Scholarship Trust Mandela Rhodes Scholarship
Host NationSouth Africa
Official Website
Closing Date21 April 2023
Eligible CandidatesAfrican Students
Mandela Rhodes Scholarship Summary

Financial Support

The Mandela Rhodes Scholarship provides complete assistance for the essential expenses related to your academic pursuits. It pays the cost of tuition for a one- or two-year Master’s degree in any discipline at an accredited South African institution of higher learning. Tuition and registration fees, funding for books, research, and medical care, lodging and food, a personal allowance, and round-trip economy airfare from your home country to your South African university at the start and completion of your degree are all included. A personal allowance will also be given to you.

Our program is based on the foundational ideals of peace, education, entrepreneurship, and leadership, as well as the conviction that true leadership starts within. We aspire to keep Nelson Mandela’s legacy alive by preparing young African leaders with the competence and bravery to transform the continent into a place where everyone has equal opportunity to succeed. Our programme is delivered mostly through a series of week-long residential sessions which you will attend throughout your time in residence.


Yes. No matter where they are presently living or attending school, students who are nationals of an African nation are eligible. And may I pursue my education at home? No. You cannot study in your own country while receiving a scholarship; you must attend a higher education institution in South Africa. Remote learning is not permitted; in order to take part in our program, you must enroll in a South African institution.

Competition for the Mandela Rhodes Scholarship exists. It is intended for upcoming leaders who combine intelligence and character. Academically, you must be strong; your grade point average should be at least 70%. Also, you must have shown leadership on your school or in your community. View the selection criteria and student reviews.

With the exception of MBAs, which we do not support, the Mandela Rhodes Scholarship is for postgraduate study (Honours and Masters degrees) in any discipline. Any reputable South African institution of higher learning is open to you.

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