WFP – World Food Programme is Recruiting Experts (Closes 10 March 2024)

Disaster Risk Management

WFP was established in 1961 by the UN General Assembly and the FAO Conference and began its activities in 1963.

WFP’s roots can be traced back to the U.S. government’s “Food for Peace” program, which began in the 1950s. The “Food for Peace” program donated surplus agricultural commodities to developing countries and nations rebuilding from World War II. 

The WFP is a joint program between the United Nations and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). It is the United Nations’ largest humanitarian organization for fighting hunger globally.

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A Technical Review Forum composed of high-level experts from globally renowned institutions has concluded that the ARC flood and TC risk models are ready for use in underwriting insurance policies. The TC product has been rolled out, leading to payouts for TC seasons in Madagascar, and preparations are underway to roll out the flood product in six African countries.

To support this endeavor, ARC is seeking a Senior Expert in Disaster Risk Management with experience in tropical cyclones and flood perils who can coordinate the development and implementation of flood and tropical cyclone products. The expert will have the following responsibilities:

  • Advise ARC on the improvements of the TC and flood products, ensuring that ARC models are based on cutting-edge science and technology, while also meeting insurance industry standards.
  • Coordinate the flood and TC product improvement works, ensuring that work is produced on time with the highest quality standards and meeting the specific needs of ARC and Member States.
  • Supervise the improvement and maintenance of the TC explorer and the flood explorer software, ensuring that the software components are delivered on time and with the highest quality.
  • Provide support to the R&D Director around the preparation, evaluation, supervision, monitoring, and reporting of service contracts related to TC and flood products.
  • Advise ARC team on the development of contingency planning standards and guidelines that define Member State eligibility criteria to take TC and Flood insurance proposed by ARC.
  • Provide training and capacity building to ARC Technical Working Groups to promote the use of the TC and Flood products as climate risk management tools for ARC Member States and their partners.
  • Contribute to the engagement with academic institutions, government institutions, AU and RECs services, UN Agencies, bi-lateral and multi-lateral financial partners, and private sector to advance ARC’s position as the disaster risk management institution of choice on the African continent.
  • Lead the development of research funding proposals in collaboration with other ARC departments, ensuring that proposal schedule deadlines are adhered to and that all teams and staff fulfill their responsibilities timely.
  • Develop the communication strategy around the TC and Flood products to ensure a positive reception of the products and that ARC is involved in the ongoing climate change mitigation dialogue and makes a positive and effective impact in the climate risk financing space.
  • Advise on political developments that could negatively affect the project objectives and develop strategies to minimize their impact. Contribute actively to the dissemination of ARC work on TC and Flood risk management to ARC Member States, international conferences, and meetings, as required.
  • Supporting the ARC R&D Director and ARC senior staff as required.

Qualifications and experience required


Advanced University degree (preferably a PhD) in Natural Sciences, Climate Change, Disaster Risk Management, Early Warning Systems or similar relevant discipline with a strong component on environmental processes modelling.


Minimum of 12 years of progressively responsible professional experience in planning and managing technical projects in the fields of hydrological modelling, disaster risk management and early warning systems in the context of developing countries; Proven experience in conducting applied research and development activities in one or more of the above thematic fields; Demonstrated experience in managing donor-funded programmes and working with a large range of stakeholders including technical agencies, government services, financial partners, private sector and international organisations; Expertise and experience in capacity building and designing training programmes for developing countries in particular in Africa;

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